Zimbabwe’s President, by his actions it’s crazy the whole world

Yes, old age – no joy: common sense in action is becoming
less, and «cockroaches» in the head and eccentricities – more. And it concerns not only
people «civil» politicians all this is not alien. Okay, if these steps
cranks not depend on someone’s life, and that’s when the back – country with a population of as many as
at 14 million people, gets sick from all these «non-standard» tricks. Zimbabwe
– the country’s eternal President, who every day proves that politics
«it’s fun.»

For nearly 30 years in
the head of the Republic of Zimbabwe (the government as a whole 36 years old), small States,
what is
in the southern part of the African continent, is permanent, someone will say,
immortal politician, dictator and head of the Robert
Gabriel Mugabe
. Since December 31, 1987, the life of this country began to change: first thing coming
to power, Mugabe was subjected to changes in the main Law of Zimbabwe,the Constitution,
abolishing the post of Prime Minister and appointing himself President of the country (in fact,
January 1, 1988, the former head of Zimbabwe Canaan Banana was removed,
«losing» the place of Mugabe, whose inauguration took place on the same day).

In spite of all the opposition
Zimbabwe’s opposition, protests and even rejection of the next world powers
some results of the presidential elections, Mugabe has managed more than a dozen years
to remain at the head of the state to his re-election nothing could
to prevent.

Saying that the life of the country is
to change, no one talked about that in a positive way. On the contrary,
the state fell all the economic disasters: the protracted crisis, hunger,
sanctions imposed
The European Union along with the United States in 2002, learning about
the consequences of all actions of Mugabe (the unceasing violence, the violation of the rights

But the President of Zimbabwe if not
discouraged, continued to enjoy life, to try to fix something, and did
it all with some magical ease, as if worry and worry was
there is no need. As he said Carlson, «calm, just calm, matter of fact

To walk so to walk!

Of course, in such hard
Zimbabwe time its inhabitants were urgently needed at least some the slightest reason for
joy, to distract from everyday problems. And even more, it seems
discharge required their President. Anyway, who said that in a crisis you need
only sad? Holidays that has not been canceled. The ache to be so modest
the birthday of the great leader Mugabe. And the little things in those days not accepted – a sign of bad taste, nothing else.

This year February 21 to Robert
Mugabe, just imagine «knocked» 92. And how, tell me to go
by such date, not to participate in the collection of funds for the celebration? Yes,
the celebration was held exactly on the money they could get from the residents
Zimbabwe. And where else to get money? From the Treasury? So from there to take something
nothing – the country is located on the third
position in the ranking of the poorest countries in the world in 2016. Hence, it is necessary
to connect others for the benefit of which, in fact, working for
a long-time Mugabe.

Photo: tass.ru

Managed to collect $800 thousand. a Lot or
a little? Judge for yourself:

In the day of the state
debt increases in the amount of about $100 million (maybe more).

For a week the Zimbabwe debt grows by $700-800

The birthday celebrations Mugabe lasted just
7 days.

That is, during the week the country could not
to dig into debt, if collected that sum in, say, «just because.»

In just a week. Would have saved it
the situation of the entire state? Of course not. As 15.09.2016 year
12:33 Moscow time, the public debt of Zimbabwe is $4.1 billion So
these miserable $800 million – a drop in the ocean, not otherwise. And if it gave residents
every week a certain amount to the country was gradually rid of the debt that would
changed? I’m afraid most of the population would never have a new exit
crisis. And then – holiday! And it happens only once a year (a ‘ 92 and all
is rarely performed).

Strange, why are residents so
reluctantly handed over the money for birthday…

And, by the way, for their disobedience
was punished.
Do not encourage such behavior. As representatives
human rights groups Cotrad,
refused to «chip in» on a gift to the President, suffered «unprecedented
harassment». How exactly – history is silent.

What was spent
the collected funds? Oh, that’s probably the cure for all diseases (of a personal nature
and the country as a whole) Mugabe considers beauty. Not for nothing do they say that she
must save the world. Here and save Zimbabwe.

Thus, at the stadium, which
gathered about 5 thousand people took place
the next beauty contest (Mugabe often «combine» the useful with the pleasant
– birthday and the event). In all its glory stood the Zimbabwean
beauties in front of the leader, showing all his skills and talents – the ability
to wash linen, to cook, to play football, to participate in public
debate. In addition, following Mugabe and that all participants had
moral principles – all participants swear on the Bible that it is not
filmed in the Nude (by the way, there were cases when because of
non-compliance with this rule, some of the winner-beauties of yesteryear
has lost the title).

Care authorities and the people,
whom, as they say, «Mother nature» vacationing annually in the country
held a beauty contest
on the contrary – Mister Ugly. We need somehow to brighten up the grey everyday life of Zimbabweans.
In General, no one has to miss – entertain people in every possible

I am a monument erected without hands…

If so rare a day
birth, so you can party a little more and, accordingly,
gifts to get more. But who if not the President himself, knows what he
wants. This is why, perhaps, Mugabe found it necessary to give yourself a four-meter…
the monument, which was immediately subject to criticism.

12 solemn
the opening of the monument in honor of the irreplaceable Mugabe. Raised a hand, glasses on
the nose, the costume – it looks like the Zimbabwean President, according to local
sculptor Dominic Benhura who created this creation. Here are just users
social networks saw this monument is not its leader: Superman, Homer
Simpson (m./f. «The simpsons») (the resourceful saw in the monument both
option, «mix»), but not Robert Mugabe. Somebody even called all
THIS is «career suicide» Benhura whose works have been exhibited worldwide.

«Robert Mugabe just insulted through the sculpture, and he does not
understood. If I were dictator Robert Mugabe, I’d be arrested (Penjuru) and
destroyed the statue,
«writes one Twitter user.

Photo: twitter.com

They did not know anything about
«beautiful», definitely.

«No money – no honey» -zimbabwes

Just does not value people of all
what makes them Mugabe, so we have to be tougher, to stop, say so,
«Lisp» with the state. And exceptions can’t be. Anyway – simple you
a farmer or an Olympic athlete – no matter, to answer for their misdeeds
will absolutely everyone.

So, «under the hot hand» hit
Zimbabwean Olympians who came home without medals. Once
the plane with the athletes landed in Harare, all members of the team immediately arrested. This year
athletes from Zimbabwe (31 athlete) was able to occupy the highest place on
The 2016 games held in Rio de Janeiro- eighth. However, it
likely, this result did not suit the President:

«We spent public money to these rats who call themselves
athletes. If you are willing to sacrifice themselves and win even 4th and 5th
places, like our neighbours from Botswana, then why are you going to spend our money,»

– write
some media alleged President Mugabe.

After this news was
publicized throughout the media began to appear information that they are not
other than «stuffing», a fake, someone’s joke. So, the guide began
to assure that information about that one arrest is not
was going to, and especially to collect money from athletes that were
spent on preparations for the Games. Well, who knows, maybe scared of Mugabe publicity
and discontent of the world community, which he and his policy for a long time
tooth sharpening is not enough, Zimbabwe’s sanctions that began to refute all
it is said in the media.

Anyway, this whole scandal
will remain for Zimbabwean walls.

Freedom for parrots!

While the world is still making noises
about the possible arrest of Zimbabwean athletes «criminals,» Mugabe continues to amaze the country and all watching her with their

Of course, many countries have
granting Amnesty to prisoners because of shortage of places in prisons. But attention, this
the news got it after a possible arrest or innocent

So, in may of this year in Zimbabwe
was released on
freedom, more than 2 thousand prisoners. At the request of the representative of the office
the organization of the activities of prisons and detention centers Priscila, Mthembu,
that moment in the prison, there were about 20 thousand prisoners, with
the possible maximum occupancy of 17 thousand mainly to freedom was released
minors and women. Those who had to serve in prison all his life,
but the sentence was imposed before the relevant 25.12.95, was able to start life anew
the prison was only a bad dream.

And the chances of «change» drop
often. Earlier this year, the government of Zimbabwe was forced to postpone for
indefinite executions. The reason is the lack
executioners. That is, it turns out that this «suicide» keep the cameras in
for a long time. And cameras, more places in prisons and without them
enough. How to be?

The convicts, whose punishment
was delayed, went to court, arguing that the government violated their
human rights, keeping behind bars for an indefinite amount of time. Output
from this situation they proposed the following to replace mortals
sentences to life imprisonment. That is, the idea is that these same criminals
can be completely released, if the sentences be changed? Then in prisons
no, but the job of the executioners are still open.

That’s just, as they say,
sometimes the ex-cons – I’m afraid your chance for a «fix» will be spent
them, in the case of providing, for nothing.

Marriage with Barack

Mugabe is famous not only because
during his reign in the country racism is rampant (even in the early 2000s
years, the President of Zimbabwe gave up control of the economy in the hands of the indigenous
the population, having
the nationalization of land belonging to white citizens to give land
black veterans «chimurengi» – a 25-year civil war, the consequences of which
led to the desertion of thousands of educated and economically active
citizens), but also the fact that European traditions and standards of behavior of his government
not accept. We are talking directly about gay marriage, news
of USA drew attention to Mugabe caused a storm of emotions.

So, the President of Zimbabwe has expressed its readiness to join
married to U.S. President Barack Obama. As they say, once went to
«so Malina, at that time, 91-year-old politician was ready, in all
likely, to exchange his lawful wife for the leader of the USA.

«Once President Obama supports same-sex marriage and protects
homosexuals, I’m ready, if necessary, to go to Washington
get down on his knees and ask his hands.»

But not so simple. In fact, Mugabe openly
called Barack Obama a representative of sexual minorities. However, if you do not know humor and
«language» Mugabe did not say that it was only a stone in Washington
the garden and insult the American President. These are the jokes the President
Zimbabwe. Translator needed, definitely.

Life only

And so, it would seem that the President
is already in a rather advanced age. Constantly appear in the media
news that health and well-being of the leader of Zimbabwe is gradually starting
to sum it up. However, Mugabe insists that he feels fine.

Of course, the years take their toll – something
Mugabe does not understand (the same goes with a time in the West), something
forgets that confused (in 2015 at the annual conference of the ruling party he read the wrong speech
repeating the text that you heard the public a month before the event,
repetition is the mother of learning, not otherwise), the person constantly tends to sleep during
speech of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi at the summit of EU-Africa in Tripoli in
2010, the President does not
was able to overcome Morpheus).

Photo: kommersant.ru

But despite all this we still are in
the locker, considering that many in the country do not live to see this
age (average
life expectancy is 49.6 years for both sexes) – Mugabe intends
to run for President in elections in 2018, when he is on
wait a minute, will turn 94 years.

But, of course, we all are not eternal.
Sooner or later, to leave this world will have. That’s only Zimbabwe, at least
even 8 years will have fun with Mugabe, to live with him in joy and in sorrow,
to share shelter, food and so on – the President intends to reside
up to 100 years. But that’s not all «nice» for Zimbabweans news. At
the statement Mugabe, his position will automatically inherit the wife of the President. So
it’s time to learn the country to understand the humor of the dictator, and to prepare for
the fact that by and large nothing in the country will not change.

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Zimbabwe’s President, by his actions it’s crazy the whole world 16.09.2016

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