Zakharova: the decision on Cuba proved the unpredictability of U.S. foreign policy

The US decision on Cuba proves the unpredictability of Washington’s foreign policy, said Maria Zakharova in Facebook. Thus, according to her, the cube neighbor for a long time «know in person».

The official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said in his Facebook Washington’s decision on the unilateral cancellation transaction of the previous US administration towards Cuba.

«Let me remind you that one of the main claims of Washington to Moscow was «unpredictable» Russia. It frightened the States of Europe, including discouraging Brussels from energy cooperation with Moscow. The last decades every new administration in the United States cancels a fundamental foreign policy decisions of the previous one. The only predictable quality of American foreign policy long ago became its complete unpredictability. No, there is another eternal interference in the internal Affairs of sovereign countries,» wrote Zakharov.

Speaking about Cuba, she noted that the leadership of this island state may immediately foresaw «the depth of the manoeuvres of Barack Obama from the spectacular landing of special forces to the island to attempt to Pat Raul Castro on the shoulder, realizing the staging of the moment».

«Cuba is no stranger — she already knows a neighbor in the face», — said Zakharov.

Earlier, the President of the United States Donald trump reversed the decision of Barack Obama to normalize relations with Cuba. According to him, this decision shall enter into force «immediately.»

Trump called negotiated by the previous administration agreement is a terrible deal that brings violence and instability in the region. In addition, according to the current US President, the us received nothing in return. Trump emphasized that this policy is wrong. He assured that the US will not lift sanctions against Cuba until Havana released political prisoners, does not legalize political parties and hold democratic elections under international supervision.

Zakharova: the decision on Cuba proved the unpredictability of U.S. foreign policy 17.06.2017

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