You asked for it… Pyongyang responded to the threat of the US «missile strike»

On «Oscar» this film is clearly not drawn by any of the categories. But the impression on the Americans this tape filmmakers, the DPRK made a deep.

No sooner had Vice-President Michael Pence to say, commenting on the situation around North Korea, «peace is achieved by force», as received a very impressive response. Pyongyang’s reaction was immediate. North Korea has promised to carry out tests almost every day. Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs Han sung Ryul warned that North Korea may launch missiles weekly, monthly, yearly. He also said that if the United States would be reckless enough to use military means, since that day, it will mean total war.

And it became clear that this is not a joke, at a concert in honor of the 105th anniversary of the birth of Kim Il-sung demonstrated staging clip with simulated missile attack on the United States. The course is rather unexpected. But as they say, asked for it. The Americans with enviable persistence, and regularly conduct joint exercises with South Korea under the nose of North Korea, is deploying its missile defense system and threatened a pre-emptive strike for what Pyongyang is experiencing ballistic missiles.

In such a situation, the patience had burst from the DPRK, and it somehow ended in the United States. During a visit to South Korea is the second person in the States said that Washington «ended the era of strategic patience» towards the DPRK. Something I do not remember where and in which countries it started? Later, in Japan Pence at the meeting with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has backpedaled, saying that his country wants only peace in the region, and Washington for this purpose, will collaborate with Tokyo, Seoul and Beijing.

The last in this story plays almost the main role, and not on their own. They say that the US beats his «Tomahawks» in Syria, and perhaps the «mother of all bombs» on Afghanistan wanted to scare China and thus to force Beijing to put pressure on the regime of Kim Jong-UN. And at the same time indicate the place of China in the Asia-Pacific region. But that’s just not on the attack. Beijing though has canceled flights to the DPRK, said on the reduction of purchases of coal and even supported sanctions against the violent neighbour, to tear with it relations is not intended. For China Pyongyang is an ally, one of the few in Asia. Although it looks like the nuclear ambitions of North Korea and there pretty tired.

Meanwhile, Tokyo and Seoul are clearly not enthusiastic about military plans his overseas patron. After all, any attempt to make a preemptive strike on North Korea will cause a reaction. What will it be, Pyongyang has been clearly demonstrated with the help of movie. For this – and even to some similar scenario, Japan and South Korea are not ready. Recently the Minister of foreign Affairs of Japan, Fumio Kishida during a meeting in Italy with Secretary Rex Tillerson quite frankly asked Americans military action is not carried out, because it is very dangerous for Japan. And Vice-President of the Penny, as it turned out, went to Tokyo and Seoul are mostly in order to frighten the DPRK – it came out so casually. In the outline of the overall rhetoric of intimidation. Brought him to Asia business trading: it is necessary to implement the program of the President and make America great again. The allies got out of hand, it is necessary to reconsider the trade agreement. In General, talked and dispersed. And the risk of an accidental war remains.

Author Olga Geroyev, radio Sputnik

RIA Novosti

You asked for it… Pyongyang responded to the threat of the US «missile strike» 21.04.2017

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