«Yandex» has explained what happened from the map Sakhalin

The service «Yandex.Map» occurred when updating service, which the island does not appear on the part of the scale. Earlier media reports have linked the disappearance of Sakhalin with the rocket launch by the DPRK.

«Yandex» has explained the disappearance of the island of Sakhalin from their cards technical malfunction related to the update service, reports gazetasi.

The company said it has already corrected the problem and shortly Sakhalin will appear in the mobile and web version of the service «Yandex.Cards.»

«Yandex» has shared that is updated daily so there are always new homes, parks, roads. In the month such change is made of about a million.

Earlier it was reported that the service «Yandex.Maps» partially ceased to show the island of Sakhalin on maps. The island was there, if I can get to 100 kilometers or the maximum delay for 3000 km. And disappeared as they zoom in 1000, 600 and 200 kilometers. While satellite and hybrid maps failure was not observed.

Some media linked the problem with the rocket launch the DPRK’s neighboring Sakhalin to the Japanese island of Hokkaido.

«Yandex» has explained what happened from the map Sakhalin 29.08.2017

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