WSJ: Russian submarine close Europe for military convoys, USA

Operating invisibly in the waters of the Atlantic and the Arctic Russian submarines, are a threat to military convoys of the United States, delivering heavy military equipment to European allies, The Wall Street Journal writes, citing statements made by the leaders of the Alliance and military experts. According to the newspaper, to counter the «Russian threat» NATO intends to reorganize the command structure and to allocate additional funds for the protection of the Arctic and Atlantic waters in the event of a possible conflict.

«We must assess potential threats from any direction, including in the North Atlantic and the Arctic,» said the Chairman of the NATO military Committee Peter Paul. According to him, the Alliance, new challenges have arisen, particularly Russia’s use of hybrid military tactics and the growing threat of terrorism.

The command can be reorganized by February 2018. First, however diplomats and officials of the organization should decide which member will lead the command, and determine its specific duties.

Meeting of generals of NATO countries to discuss the return of the Supreme command, was held in Brussels this week. The military said that «the activity of Russian submarines» in the Arctic has increased significantly, therefore the Alliance should be ready to protect the Atlantic routes in the event of a conflict.

WSJ: Russian submarine close Europe for military convoys, USA 19.05.2017

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