«World class force»: how China intends to strengthen the power of his army

Speaking at the XIX Congress of the Communist party of China, General Secretary of the CCP XI Jinping said that «by 2050, the people’s liberation army has become a force in world class». Recent years, China actively increases the power of its armed forces and conducts military reform, which should become the Foundation for «the great rejuvenation of the nation.» However, the growing Chinese army is no necessary combat experience. It does not allow the military to test the level of preparedness of staff and efficiency of equipment. About the features of the defence policy of China at RT.

The armed forces of China every year increasing its power. However, China unlike other major powers, does not possess the necessary combat experience. After the Second world war, in which China lost 20 million people, China only fought twice in the Korean Peninsula (1950-1953) and Vietnam (1979).

For over 35 years the people’s liberation army (PLA) has not carried out any combat operations. The lack of experience deprives Chinese troops the opportunity to test in practice the level of preparedness of personnel and the efficiency of the standing equipment.

Beijing has rather tense relations with the United States, India, Japan, South Korea, and beyond the control of the Taiwan province. At the same time, China prefers to adhere to the policy of good neighbourliness and non-interference in the internal Affairs of other States.

Chinese media believe that the modernization will allow the army to realize the concept of the «great revival of the nation», which is obviously the emergence of China as a superpower equal to the United States.

Prospects of development

A powerful army is needed to Beijing primarily to protect their own economic interests. China lays claim to the hydrocarbon-rich Islands in the South China sea (the Spratly archipelago). To this end, the leadership of the country to replenish the Navy’s major ships and submarines.

Also of strategic interest to China to represent the African territory adjacent to the Middle East (horn of Africa). State-owned China National Petroleum is the largest investor in the oil industry of Sudan and actively captures the market of Angola.

To ensure safe trade of the Chinese Navy patrol the waters of the Gulf of Aden, the red and the Arabian seas. According to South China Morning Post, 1 August 2017 China opened in Djibouti, the first overseas military base, which is technically the «logistics center» (Beijing refrains from the definition of a military object with the word «base», considering it «imperialistic» and to the colonization of foreign countries. — RT).

A framework is necessary for Parking and replenish Chinese warships. In April 2017, Chinese media spread the message (unable to find official confirmation) that Beijing intends to open abroad about 10 bases.

In September 2017 in a number of foreign media have reported that up to 2025 the Chinese Navy will receive 83 warships and will take a leading position in the world. Although, according to Global Firepower, total number of ships and submarines China is now ahead of the US.

Despite the enormous opportunities for the development of the fleet and the apparent increasing global presence abroad, military and naval infrastructure China will be hard enough to keep up with us. In the same Djibouti are already operating military bases of the United States, France and Japan.

A total of American troops stationed in 700 military installations in 63 countries. In foreign missions the US employ about 250 thousand troops — about 20% of the size of the army. For comparison: based in Djibouti located only 2 thousand Chinese military.

The transition from quantity to quality

The people’s liberation army of China is undergoing a period of profound reforms aimed at equipping the troops with modern technology and rejuvenation officers. Ministry of defense of the PRC is focusing on improving the quality of arms and the professionalism of the officers.

Contrary to popular belief, China does not have a huge army. Moreover, until the end of 2017, the armed forces leave 300 thousand officers — and the PLA will be reduced to 2 million people.

Most of the soldiers will be removed from their posts by age, small part — on suspicion of corruption.

Records of leading analytical organizations indicate that the Chinese army is experiencing a rather acute shortage of modern military hardware.

For example, the armament of the Land forces of the PLA are 6740 tanks, but the most common models are the modification of the tank ZTZ-59 (Type-59), which was developed in the 1950-ies.

Also in the Chinese army, a small number of armored vehicles, which is the basis of the power of mechanized infantry units. According to estimates of the International Institute for strategic studies (IISS), the PLA has about 10 thousand BMP, BTR, BMD and reconnaissance machines.

In IISS believe that Beijing has learned to produce a whole range of weapons, but still lags behind Russia and the West in the field of aviation and air defense. Analysts point to the interest of China to the Russian su-35 fighter and anti-aircraft missile complex s-400. The purchase of imported weapons reflects the continuing technical backwardness of China.

Despite the current difficulties, the Chinese leadership is optimistic about the future. At the XIX Congress of the Communist party of China General Secretary of the CCP XI Jinping said that «by 2050, the people’s liberation army has become a force in world class».

The task, as suggested by the media, reflects the desire of Beijing to become a leader in the military sphere. For this, China has good starting opportunities: the ranking in military strength Global Firepower China firmly holds the third place after Russia and the United States.

Thursday, October 19, U.S. Secretary Rex Tillerson, speaking at the Washington Center for strategic and international studies, said that China is taking «provocative actions in the South China sea, directly challenging international law and norms that defend the United States and India.» In the coming days, the head of foreign policy Department of the USA will visit Delhi in India Washington sees as an important partner.

The path to world leadership

Military expert, senior researcher, Higher school of Economics Vasily Kashin said that Beijing plans to achieve world domination by 2050 — in the century since the establishment of the people’s Republic of China.

«By this time the Chinese are really going to create the most powerful and advanced army, the strongest economy, and so on. In China now there is a discussion of whether to enter into formal military alliances with foreign countries, particularly with Russia and Pakistan,» — said in an interview with RT Kashin.

The expert is convinced that China will continue to expand the military infrastructure abroad. This is evidenced by the opening of a base in Djibouti and the activity of Chinese peacekeepers in Africa. However, in the coming years, China will not engage in armed conflict.

«China pursues a gradual and progressive foreign policy to expand its influence. Now it is the indirect participation in the conflict through the supply of arms or provision of military instructors, but in the future it is highly likely the direct involvement of Beijing,» said Kashin.

According to him, to strengthen its position abroad in the military sphere China is creating large private companies. However, the action of China in 5-10 years will be more open.

«The US sees the rise of China, but can not oppose anything. Russia, however, this situation supports. Yes, China have not participated in the wars, but we must understand that those Americans fought and are fighting much weaker opponents. And because it is impossible to conclude about the problems with the combat capability of the PLA,» — said Cashin.

«World class force»: how China intends to strengthen the power of his army 19.10.2017

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