Who will bring down the arrogance of the us-led coalition in Syria

Russia from June 19 to suspend the operation of the Memorandum with the United States on flights over Syria. The night before the American fighter F/A-18E Super Hornet from the international coalition in the area of Raqqa was hit by a military aircraft in Syrian air force su-22, causing strikes on the positions of the Islamic state group* and does not threaten the Americans or their allies.

After a blatant act of unwarranted aggression of the representatives of the coalition got in touch with the Russian partners on the phone through the canal to reduce the level of conflicts «to deescalate the situation and stop the attack.»

American coalition demonstrated the power supposedly to protect the rebels from the onset of Pro-government forces, and its staff believe that the task is successfully executed.

This is not the first U.S. attack on Syrian forces. In April, two destroyers of naval forces of the United States was dealt a massive rocket attack on the airbase shirt in the province of HOMS, and last month the coalition repeatedly attacked Pro-government forces near Al-TANF.

In all cases, the international community and the UN security Council almost did not react.

A show of force

Despite the signed in early may, Russia, Turkey and Iran Memorandum about zones of de-escalation, there is a high potential for the intensification of the fighting. Full liberation of Syria from terrorists of all stripes — is far ahead.

Faced with the resistance of extremists and representatives of the armed opposition, the government forces persistently and consistently pave the way from Damascus to the borders of Iraq and Jordan. Equally important is the control of areas from Al-TANF to the territories located to the South-East of es-Sweida. Fighting Syrian troops supported by the Russian VKS, Iran, the forces of «Hezbollah» brigades «Patision», «Sanbian and Asaib AHL al-Haqq». And the Lebanese newspaper Al Modon predicts: «Despite the presence of the Americans, Iran could advance to the borders of Iraq of Al-TANF through the wilderness and concentrate its forces from the border of Jordan to Israel.»

On any day these strategic areas (in the geographical triangle of raqqa — At-TANF — as-Suwayda) American interventionist can obtain a hard lesson. Iran has already demonstrated the power of 18 June missile strike on positions of terrorists of ballistic medium-range missiles — through the territory of Iraq, which is de facto controlled by Washington.

For the Pro-American coalition Iran’s actions in the region — like a red rag to a bull, and yet it is necessary to consider the possibility of other allies and supporters of the one and indivisible Syria. In particular, air defense systems s-300 in a combat zone includes Russia, Syria, Iran. As you know, a loaded gun once per year shoots itself. American aircraft can shoot down by mistake and immediately apologize for the hotline.

While the defense Ministry said the actual suspension of the civil war in Syria. Thanks to signed by Russia, Turkey and Iran Memorandum about zones of de-escalation, made possible the reconstruction work in the destroyed settlements and the resumption of humanitarian messages. After Assad declared an Amnesty for more than 2,600 militants in the province of Damascus returned to civilian life. About 2,000 fighters evacuated from the suburbs of Damascus, Idlib, not less than 7,000, left the suburbs of HOMS.

Reservations for the «rebels»

The coalition actively opposes the peace process and Syrian government forces in different regions of the country. Forces controlled by the United States opposition is not enough to create a «southern Syria» by analogy with South Korea. After «taking» of Afghanistan and Iraq linked to Syria, thousands of army factions, the Americans do not want. However, the Syrian temptation is so great that the coalition’s actions become illogical.

Washington loses all caution and calls for the cessation of contacts with the legitimate President Bashar al-Assad, is trying to use in Syria a «Yugoslav algorithm» and create «parallel» (and controlled) by the Syrian army collaborators. And all irregular militias (under the flag of ISIS* or any other franchise), you cannot use point and without harm to the international reputation of the United States.

In the words of the coalition seeking to destroy ISIS*, in fact, opposes «the Syrian regime», and therefore allies ATS all possible means.

It is obvious that the coalition strikes led by the U.S. on Syrian government forces is a pathetic attempt to bring the opposition and the extremists on the «Syrian front» to continue the armed struggle against the Syrian government. And patience — edged weapon in the sheath.

Moscow urges partners to respect the territorial integrity of Syria (as called for in resolution 2254 of the UN Security Council) and to avoid unilateral actions without the consent of Damascus. And yet Alliance commitments oblige Russia not only to verbal persuasion.

*A terrorist organization banned in Russia.

RIA Novosti

Who will bring down the arrogance of the us-led coalition in Syria 20.06.2017

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