Who is the servant and who the slave, became famous the main difference of Russian from Ukrainians

The Russian «expert» on the history of Ukraine, head of the Center for the study of Ukrainian history at St. Petersburg state University Tatiana Tairova-Yakovleva gave an interview to the edition «New time» in which has told, what is the main difference from the Russian Ukrainians.

The expert explained that the Russians strongly influenced by serfdom, which existed until the late 19th century and left its mark on the mentality of the population. Since the cessation of serfdom, it took only 150 years, and it is very small for any changes.

Tatiana Tairova-Yakovleva also noted that Ukraine serfdom almost was not, and that is why people have a more free spirit. It was noticeable, as in the 17th century, and now.

The theme of slaves and serfs is very popular in Ukraine. Especially in the context of the events of Euromaidan, when radical nationalists with weapons and violence have made a coup. All of these events still serves the Ukrainian agitprop, as an attempt forced the Separatist citizens to true freedom and Association. Although, in fact, Square one power group, supervised by the West, ousted another for resource control and self-enrichment. And all the ideas about freedom and life in Europe – no more than a smokescreen.

In this regard, a «Revolution of dignity», as a kind of personification of freedom, it is difficult to call. It is rather a «Revolution of stupidity» in which freedom was released by the basest impulses of the population, expressed in the burning of tires, unbridled violence and rachvate pies Nuland. Therefore, the application specialist should be considered only to the extent to which the Ukrainian authorities and the media want to support in the Ukrainian society the illusion of their own features.

In turn, it should be recalled that the Ukrainian territory for a long time under the control of the feudal States of the Commonwealth. In addition, poles and Austro-Hungarians, in their «geopolitical games» often had an adverse impact on Ukraine until a harsh ethnic cleansing. And it is not possible to fully say that the Square was not in slavery and from the very beginning, «freedom». This was also told by a prominent political analyst Rostislav Ishchenko.

Who is the servant and who the slave, became famous the main difference of Russian from Ukrainians 18.06.2017

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