What lies behind the campaign «Yabloko» and why the demilitarization of Russia

Today the Chairman of the party «Yabloko» Grigory Yavlinsky has launched the collection of signatures for Russia’s withdrawal from military conflicts. The action is part of the presidential campaign, one of the leaders of the opposition. Yavlinsky believes that it is necessary to stop the funding of foreign policy ambitions and adventures that cost the budget tens of billions of dollars. According to the Yabloko leader, the money can be spent on the improvement of life in Russian cities. For example, the opposition argues that these funds can provide 12 years of life of Ryazan, a city of half million. All this sounds quite beautiful, however, whether grounded this position. Apparently not.

First, the Syrian campaign allowed the Russian army to demonstrate the power of our weapons and to attract the attention of foreign buyers. The defence industry has received orders worth billions of dollars, which will keep its position on the arms market. First and foremost, it will promote the development of enterprises of the military-industrial complex, which in turn will lead to the creation of new jobs. Also, the new contracts will mean an extra tax revenues in the budget of the Russian Federation, which subsequently will go to the development of regions. Thus, saving 100 billion, Russia will deprive themselves of the opportunity to develop a very valuable layer of Russian economy, which consistently brings the budget quite a lot of money.

Secondly, we should not forget about the danger of the spread of the influence of radical Islamism in the middle East. One gets the feeling that Gregory A. forgotten the previous bad experiences when mishandled from the outside terrorists are trying to destabilize the situation in Russia and to start a religious war. If we do not crush «the Islamic state»* in the Bud, soon it will take control of the countries of Central Asia that will lead to the emergence of extremists in dangerous proximity to the borders of the Russian Federation.

Well, of course, don’t underestimate the position of Western «partners» of Russia. Despite all the statements about the desire to cooperate with Moscow, the European leaders and the United States will not miss his chance to weaken Russian Federation. This is evidenced by the continued expansion of NATO and the activity of armed forces of NATO near the borders of our country, and support opposition forces in Russia and the apparent reluctance to hear the Kremlin’s position. Especially since Washington clearly there is a desire to repeat the 90s and take control of natural resources and the territory of the Russian Federation.

So what are seeking Grigory Yavlinsky? Really wants to completely destroy the country, which finally were able to regain their strength. It is hardly likely the Chairman of the party «Yabloko» decided to use populism to attract to the person more attention. Political scientist, political strategist and expert on media and social media Natalia Eliseeva agree with this statement and notes that the opposition decided to play in advance.

«Yavlinsky just started the campaign. Moreover, he decided to start with scandal and manipulation of information. Given that Yabloko have lost the support, it can be assumed that Yavlinsky such a step trying to pull the entire opposition to the agenda of the election campaign itself. As the list of non-si candidates are still not identified, Yavlinsky just before everyone decided to declare itself and begin to work with the opposition electorate. I guess this is not the last statement from the «Apple». But, again, all within the framework of the campaign. How scandalous would say, the more they will quote».

It is worth noting that the team Gregory A. just a person who loves such methods of PR. The right hand of the leader of «Yabloko» Sergei Mitrokhin regularly caught in similar scandals, therefore it is logical to assume his direct involvement in the development of this initiative. Track record Mitrokhin deserves attention. The opposition regularly caught in scandals, so that, apparently, and earned the title «fighter against the regime». So in 2003, the head of the Moscow branch of Yabloko on TV got into a fight with Zhirinovsky. In 2004, Mitrokhin was detained for holding an illegal protest outside the State Duma, and in 2009 decided to cooperate with the «United Russia» for the sake of places in the Moscow city Duma.

Mitrokhin also insulted journalists resorted to cheap publicity stunt, came to the debate drunk, and was sent to live leading «Komsomolskaya Pravda». Worthy ally support to Grigory Yavlinsky, however, except for some statements to offer Mitrokhin nothing. This whole initiative will end, and the action itself will be another black spot in the history of «Apple».

* — The organization was prohibited in the territory of the Russian Federation by the decision of the Supreme court.

What lies behind the campaign «Yabloko» and why the demilitarization of Russia 19.06.2017

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