What hides bronekapsuly T-14 or why the «Armata» sapper shovel

Despite the fact that the latest Russian tank T-14 «Armata» was presented to the public in spring 2015, the interior decor armored vehicles, by and large, remained unknown. In the eyes of the domestic media «Armata» looked kind of caterpillar «Avaxim», stuffed with electronics on the roof of the tower. But the reality was a bit wrong.

According to the recently published Network information bronekapsuly T-14 inside looks very austere and even somewhat reminiscent of the tanks of the previous generation. For example, in the turret «Armata» and you can see the lever of a manual drive of an automatic loader with two positions: «Left» and «Right», and even a small sapper shovel are secured using a special attachment. Based on all this, some critics may think about using in the tank obsolete element base, which can not provide the «Armata» should the level of automation. However, this statement is easy to refute.

The lever of a manual drive of the autoloader located in the turret «Armata». There are two positions to which it can mix. Photo source: andrei-bt.livejournal.com

Other photos of the interior space of the tower T-14 saturation tank electronic devices is quite striking. Monitors the fire control system, a remote management tool and a machine gun and other electronic components — all in abundant quantities present in the «Armata».

The location of the commander of the «Almaty was.» Except for the presence of some archaic elements visible saturation tower modern electronic devices. Photo source: andrei-bt.livejournal.com

The presence of T-14 automatic loading with manual transmission, apparently due to the stringent requirements of the customer, according to which the tank must be provided a backup mechanism to reload the gun. Speaking your own words, the manual drive is only duplicate and not replace electronics «Almaty was.» And thus even in the case of essentially complete elimination of the armored building, the crew will still be able to fire from the main gun at the enemy.

The very small sapper shovel, which in bronekapsuly «Armata» can cause a lot of surface negative criticism. Photo source: andrei-bt.livejournal.com

As for the entrenching tool under the mount where the tower of «Armata» even has a special bracket, here in the first place, we should not forget how the military used entrenching tools. In the hands of any soldier of the Russian army sapper shovel becomes not only an instrument to excerpts of the trenches, but in the terrible melee weapons.

What hides bronekapsuly T-14 or why the «Armata» sapper shovel 20.04.2017

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