Western media: Europe is mired in political quagmire

The West constantly reminds the world about the «Russian threat», while Russia has never waged an aggressive policy, and did not show the desire for expansion. At the same time, Washington and European countries have repeatedly intervened in the Affairs of the Russian Federation, writes the Danish newspaper Politiken.

The author believes that America embraced a real paranoia, which has caused unimaginable political fantasies. He also noted that the Russian government only responds to the actions of Western countries that constantly invade the area of Russia’s interests.

Politiken writes that the United States is unlikely to be ignored similar actions of their opponents, invading Cuba or Mexico. At the same time Washington for unknown reasons, believes that to interfere in Russia’s interests for a quarter of a century is quite normal.

According to the author, it is because of the constant provocations and arrogance of Western Europe has lost the opportunity to re-establish relations with the superpower in the East.» In the end all the supporters of anti-Russian propaganda that criticize Moscow’s actions, brought Europeans into a political quagmire, the newspaper notes.

Western media: Europe is mired in political quagmire 20.07.2016

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