Wasserman revealed when Ukraine and Poroshenko will cease to exist

Ex-Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Ihor Markov said on a talk show «Tonight» on the recognition of Poroshenko. In a circle of close people, he confirmed the deplorable state of the country. The Ukrainian leader said that America with its new leadership «handed» Ukraine and Russia will never forgive Kiev. Correspondents iReactor asked Anatoly Wasserman to comment on this statement and tell what the future holds for would-be President and how long he will occupy this post?

«I think that Poroshenko will remain in the office of the President of Ukraine before the end of this state, since the state will likely conclude until may 2019. Of course, Poroshenko — not the President, since the elections of 25 may 2014 was appointed without a proper Foundation, and therefore null and void. But, nevertheless, he quite sincerely believes that his powers will end in may 2019. Now, I have no doubt that his powers will end sooner just mean the demise of the Ukrainian state. As far as I can tell, this year will disappear all the reasons why some Western governments felt the need to support an independent Ukraine, and without external support, it can not exist. So I guess that the rest of your life Petro Yushchenko will have to spend in the South-West Federal district of the Russian Federation. And I think that he will spend the rest of his life in freedom, though his orders, committed many crimes, including those that do not have a Statute of limitations, but he will find a way to pass the blame to the contractor.

That he said «Russia will not forgive.» Russia is good, and, most likely, will be punished only those who are very much tainted blood and those who don’t have time to repent.»

Wasserman revealed when Ukraine and Poroshenko will cease to exist 21.04.2017

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