Wasserman on the Tribunal for MH17: all the evidence will simply crumble to dust

The Australians wrote about the imminent Tribunal for the MH17 disaster. Correspondents iReactor asked an expert Anatoly Wasserman to tell whom still can be found guilty in this disaster.

«It is quite obvious and there is no doubt that the Malaysian Boeing was shot down by gunners of Ukraine in order to blame the crime Russian Federation. It is also clear there is no doubt that all the talk about the imminent Tribunal against the perpetrators of this crime are doomed to stay and talk for as long as the EU has not renounced the official support of the Kiev terrorists. Because any public court hearing, all statements declared evidence against Donbass militias will crumble to dust, as any Tribunal would be forced to consider the evidence provided by the Donbass militias, and that Russia can be absolutely no doubt that before the actual Tribunal case in the foreseeable future will not come. I, however, do not rule out that still will be wishing to portray the Tribunal, but also do not doubt that any «evidence», the APU will be very quickly recognized as having no legal force. The fact that similar performances are shown for the West’s legal precedents. If you draw in all seriousness, the consideration of such crimes without the observance of due legal procedures, then very soon someone else will take advantage of this created a precedent and make clearly illegal decisions in his favor. Therefore, the West cannot afford outright injustice precisely to avoid the coming collapse of their own legal system. Except that in the US sometimes take is clearly not just decisions, because there may refer to the decision of the jury, and the jury do not relate with the precedents and, as a rule, they do not create.

Most likely, a Tribunal or to postpone once again under some random excuse, or if it will, they’ll find a way to hold on it to declare that the court required a visit to the site, and because it is technically impossible, it will be postponed until you see a technical possibility. You can think of other options, but the Tribunal is drawn to the moment until the political reasons to support the Kiev terrorists».

Wasserman on the Tribunal for MH17: all the evidence will simply crumble to dust 20.05.2017

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