Walking to Vladivostok tiger was given the name

A tiger that walked around the city, there was a name. The decision of the people of the city they called him Vlad.

Tiger, which was caught on the outskirts of Vladivostok in mid-October, now has a name. Among the hundreds of options offered to the residents of Primorye, according to the results of the competition was won by Vlad. Now he will issue the passport, and in the spring will be released into the wild, reports «TV Center».

Vlad the townspeople noticed on one of the streets. Search of the tiger fought the police, national guard and hunting departments. Two days later he was caught and moved to a rehabilitation center. Now the master of the taiga is gaining weight and restores life skills in nature. Vlad has already entered the history of the capital of Primorye. None of the tiger was not so close to the city centre.

Walking to Vladivostok tiger was given the name 16.11.2016

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