WADA closed doping cases 95 Russians

The world anti-doping Agency (WADA) has closed the case against the 95 athletes from Russia, who was mentioned in a controversial report by Richard McLaren. According to U.S. media reports, the investigation was terminated for lack of evidence.

World anti-doping Agency is losing its positions one after the other. Internal report to WADA, intended for the leaders of the organization, was available to the media. Excerpts from it published by the New York Times. From the report, in particular, follows: 95 of the 96 Russian athletes mentioned in the report of the Commission of the McLaren did not violate anti-doping rules. The usual practice for VAD – the names of the athletes are not called, reports «TV Center».

The controversial report of the independent Commission WADA under the leadership of the canadian lawyer’s McLaren was published in 2016 — the first part in July, second in December. The paper argues that in Russia there is a state support system for the doping samples of the athletes, including the Olympic games in Sochi, massively replaced, and the use of illegal drugs caught thousands of athletes. Those charges were the reason for the rejection of our Paralympians to the games in Rio de Janeiro and the suspension of the Russian athletics Federation, from-for what the athletes now have to play under a neutral flag.

Russia in the very beginning insisted on all the unproven accusations that were built on the testimony of some disgraced athletes and former head of anti-doping center Gregory Rodchenkov. However, the facts in the end are gradually taking their toll. In February of this year, WADA has acknowledged the lack of evidence in the report of the McLaren, and in early September, he was acquitted of charges in the address of Russia on creation of «state doping program.»

Now comes the time to not only admit mistakes, but be responsible. On the eve of the Russian riders Dmitriy Strakhov, Kirill Sveshnikov and Dmitry Sokolov filed a lawsuit against WADA and personally McLaren for non-admission to participate in the Olympics in Rio. The size of the claim — almost six million dollars, but according to coach athletes, and most importantly — honest names of athletes.

The press service of the WADA declined to comment — he referred to the fact that the case is not closed. But it is obvious that this is only the beginning. After all, hundreds of athletes were denied the opportunity to compete just for the mere mention in the report of McLaren, and the court of arbitration for sport massively argued these decisions, contrary to the presumption of innocence.

On July 27 WADA said they were satisfied with the pace of change in RUSADA and allowed to resume drug testing. From 27 to 29 September to Russia there will arrive auditors. Their report will be heard in November before making a decision on complete restoration of activities of RUSADA.

Alexey Platonov, «TV Center».

WADA closed doping cases 95 Russians 13.09.2017

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