Vladimir Solovyov may lose their jobs

Well-known Russian journalist and TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov can keep their jobs at the radio station «Vesti FM» and TV channel «Russia-1» because of the sharp remarks against the protesters on June 12 opposition.

The authors of the petition Solovyov accused of inciting hatred or enmity and humiliation of human dignity, which corresponds to article 282 of the Criminal code of the Russian Federation. At the moment the petition, addressed to General Director VGTRK Oleg Dobrevo, the Investigative Committee and the Prosecutor’s office, left a signature 12 thousand people.

Solovyov angered people with my statement that Protestants have ignored 260 people.

The presenter agreed that spoke sharply, but to apologize to the people that ruined her holiday 260 thousands of Muscovites who refused. He rightly pointed out, apologize to people, speaking to rally on Tverskaya street, although they could easily rally on the street of academician Sakharov, which they specially allocated.

«I expressed my opinion — Yes, sharp. Now asking how I dare. Yes, I dare! I am ready to repeat what he had said. How else to call people who spit on 260 thousand Muscovites and went to spoil their holiday? I think the protesters should apologize to city residents. Emphasize: we are talking about those who came to Tverskaya street. Why didn’t they go on Sakharov Avenue?», — said Solovyov.

Earlier the journalist called the people who came to the rally and triggered unrest on the occasion, majors and children of corrupt officials.

Vladimir Solovyov may lose their jobs 19.06.2017

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