Vladimir Putin’s political repression: they can’t be justified

During the opening ceremony of the memorial «Wall of sorrow», which was held on Prospekt Akademika Sakharova in Moscow, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that political repression was a tragedy for the entire nation. The President also stressed that such events are not, and cannot be justified.

According to Vladimir Putin, millions of people were named as enemies of the people, and each of them could be brought absurd and based on nothing charges. They were victims of shootings, went through the pangs of camps, exiles and prisons. All this, of course, the terrible moments of the past, but they cannot be expunged from memory — said the head of the Russian Federation, adding that Russia’s history is filled with many controversial and difficult stages.

Putin also said that political repression has hit hard the Russian people, culture and identity of citizens. «The effects we feel to this day,» — said the Russian leader and added that the idea of creating a monument to victims of repression appeared in the times of the Khrushchev thaw, however, it managed to realize only in the last ten years.

Vladimir Putin’s political repression: they can’t be justified 30.10.2017

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