Vladimir Putin shared his dream with the factory workers «Eterno»

On Monday the President of Russia Vladimir Putin met with employees of the Chelyabinsk plant «Eterno», during a joint meeting, the head of the Russian Federation spoke about his desire to travel for real, and also shared his dream to finish his career successfully.

Recall factory «Eterno» is a joint project of CHTPZ and RUSNANO, the company specializiruetsya on the issue of essential parts of pipelines.

During the dialogue of Putin with employees, one of the employees said he wants to build a successful career and wondered what dreams the President. «I want to successfully finish my career,» — said the head of state and laughed.

In addition, Putin said that loves to travel. «Today, all my trips down to the fact that I’m in the airport, then from airport move into a room, then back to the airport. That’s kind of where it went», — said Vladimir Vladimirovich.

During the conversation the President also noted that he would like while traveling to have time to enjoy the nature, to spend more time sightseeing.

Finally, Putin admitted that they have already decided what hobby he’d like to do.

«There is. I will not say what,» replied Vladimir Vladimirovich a question.

Vladimir Putin shared his dream with the factory workers «Eterno» 06.12.2016

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