Vladimir Kornilov: words Violin – Nazism and xenophobia

The leader of the band «Vopli Vidopliassova» Oleg Skrypka said, people who can’t learn Ukrainian, have a low IQ, so they must be isolated and sent to the ghetto. IReactor correspondents asked the Director of the Center for Eurasian studies Vladimir Kornilov to comment on is the extremist statement by a musical artist.

«What can I say? Frank is already undisguised Nazism and xenophobia. It is significant that this interview was released on 20 April, exactly on the birthday of the idol of the Ukrainian Nazis and collaborators of Adolf Hitler. I’m just in this regard has seen the papers of Ukrainian Nazis 75 years ago- there, too, justified the idea of establishing a ghetto for ethnic, religious and linguistic grounds. What, one wonders, xenophobic ideas of the Violin differ from the ideas of his predecessors, the Ukrainian nationalists of the 40s? Very revealing also and the «mova», which reads this interview. People talk about low IQ Russian-speaking, doing a lot of elementary mistakes, even on your move. In particular, they do not realize that Russian and Ukrainian word «moron» spelled with an «e» not «and». And these people will talk something about the IQ? It would be funny if it were not so sad, if these words are narrow-minded Ukrainian Nazis was not an expression of the modern state ideology of Ukraine, a sign of complete degeneration, and – Yes – of this idiocy».

Vladimir Kornilov: words Violin – Nazism and xenophobia 20.04.2017

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