Victims of forest fires in Portugal have become 43

The victims of the massive forest fires in Central Portugal, according to preliminary data of steel 43 persons. Dozens were injured, including rescue workers. The authorities do not exclude that the number of dead could rise. Because of the hot weather and strong wind, the flames quickly spread, many residents were trapped in a fire trap.

A picture of what is going on in Portugal, as footage from the disaster movie. Begravelse sky veiled black veil of smoke. The sun – it sets fire to the ground – virtually invisible. Fire – flames rise up above the trees for several meters is chosen close to the houses, said «TV Center».

On-site emergency in the district of Leiria, there are dozens of journalists. Live local television they reported the latest breaking news. And share with the audience shocking details. 16 people on the track were burned alive in their cars, trying to escape from the fire trap. Three died from carbon monoxide poisoning. About sixty with injuries of varying severity hospitalized. The number of victims, reported by the authorities of the Republic, is growing steadily. There is information missing.

«We are faced with a terrible tragedy. At the moment there is a confirmation of 24 of the victims. But probably there will be more than. However, while we can’t say for sure,» said the Prime Minister of Portugal, antónio Costa.

In turn, the newspaper Publico, referring to the Secretary of state for internal Affairs, reported 39 fatalities. There is no accurate data yet about the area of a fire that broke out the day before. It all started Saturday afternoon in the municipality of Pedrogao Grande. The temperature there exceeded forty degrees, which, coupled with the human factor could cause a fire. Flame at high speed to spread in four directions.

The group of rescuers is increasing every hour – this minute more than a thousand people and about four hundred pieces of equipment, including helicopters. 11 firefighters extinguish active fires. But the strong wind. He’s driving the flames forward. Several villages have completely cut off from the outside world. In the disaster area there has arrived the President of Portugal. Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa expressed his condolences to the families of the victims. The country will be declared national mourning.

Michael Shekoyan, «TV Center»

Victims of forest fires in Portugal have become 43 18.06.2017

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