Vedomosti: in the third quarter of Sberbank for the first time in several years increased their deposits

In the third quarter of 2017 Sberbank for the first time in several years has not increased the volume of deposits of the population, this is reported by «Vedomosti» with reference to the statements of the state Bank. Moreover, according to the calculations of an analyst «VTB the capital» Michael Shlemova, such deposits during the quarter was less than 0.5%.

Agrees with these assessments and the analyst «Brokerkreditservis» Olga Naydenova. According to her, in the third quarter, the Bank was small, «closer to zero» minus the deposits.

As noted Naydenova, given that the Bank pays interest to depositors, some of whom remained in the accounts, we can say that the people were partly taken.

According to the statements of Sberbank, in September, retail deposits at the largest credit institutions decreased by 0.4% to 11.55 trillion rubles. Meanwhile, according to the CBR, in General, the system of state Bank deposits rose in September by 0.1% to 24.8 trillion

The publication notes that this time «Sberbank» was not able to benefit from the problems of the other two large banks — «FC Opening» and «Binbank», although, traditionally, was «benefiting from the cleaning sector».

«Outflow of retail deposits from savings Bank we associate with aggressive reduction of interest rates on deposits. The flight to quality Sberbank saw and used it to reduce the cost of funding», — said the Helmets.

Sberbank explains the outflow otherwise, calling it seasonal. It provided funds on card accounts, said a representative of the state Bank. Term deposits in rubles for the third quarter rose 0.1%, USD — 1%, deposits in euros decreased by 5% due to low interest rates and «low attractiveness of the currency for loans borrowers and less attractive for the Bank in the power of negative bets on European money market».

Experts say the continuing trend to lower interest rates on deposits.

«Cheaper money offered securities, and the rates of the Deposit market also move down,» — said the chief economist of «Alfa-Bank» Natalia Orlova.

According to experts, decrease in rates will continue in the coming months, and in the beginning of 2018 may be suspended.

Vedomosti: in the third quarter of Sberbank for the first time in several years increased their deposits 13.10.2017

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