VAZ severed in an accident in Tambov region

The fatal accident occurred the afternoon of 19 April on the part of the road «Tambov – Penza – Inzhavino – Uvarovo» in the Tambov region. In the result of collision of two cars one person was lost, reports a press-service of the regional Department of internal Affairs.

Inspectors previously found that 30-year-old driver of VAZ-21074 on 68 kilometer route in Uvarovskiy the district has not coped with management, made departure on a strip of oncoming traffic. On the «oncoming» car crashed with a car brand LADA Largus running men born in 1979. As a result of strong impact of the vehicle responsible for the accident ripped apart. The driver of VAZ died on the spot. Official information on the health status of the second participant of road accident not.

Earlier it was reported several accidents in Stavropol. As a result of two accidents killed a man, a year-old child were injured.

VAZ severed in an accident in Tambov region 20.04.2017

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