USA tease Chinese dragon at our borders

The Asia-Pacific region (APR) is rapidly becoming overmilitarization zone, with the outbreak of military conflict. In addition to the aircraft carrier «Carl Vinson», patrolling the waters near the Korean Peninsula, the U.S. Navy began the redeployment of aircraft carrier «Ronald Reagan». It is reported by CNN .

After the second strike group to the coast of the Korean Peninsula will be possible to simultaneously strike hundreds of cruise missiles «Tomahawk». It will also be complemented by the actions of the us strategic air command that uses special bombs to destroy facilities deep underground, says Japanese newspaper Nikkei.

Currently, the aircraft carrier «Carl Vinson» hold joint with South Korea of doctrines. On the eve of the strike group simulated a missile attack on the DPRK that led to the launch of the emergency communication systems in North Korea, which is usually silent. Interception of their signals allowed the Americans to calculate a significant number of key goals.

Also conducted training to eliminate the North Korean conventional and rocket artillery, concentrated at the border near Seoul. That artillery is South Korea’s a particular danger in the event of a conflict, as in the Metropolitan area is home to almost half of the population — 25 million people and a significant focus of the industrial potential.

In addition, was carried out us-South Korean exercises on the destruction of nuclear facilities of the DPRK. The landing was carried out by helicopters from amphibious assault ship «Dokdo» of the Navy of South Korea. Maneuvers were held at the U.S. base «camp Stanley» Gyeonggi province. Earlier it was reported about the preparation of the joint group of special forces, whose task is the physical destruction of North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN.

The high density of weapons in the region has already led to the incident in the skies over the East China sea. Two Chinese su-30 fighter intercepted an American reconnaissance aircraft WC-135 Constant Phoenix. The Chinese planes approached «the American» at a distance of about 45 m, and one of them demonstrating the skill, flew over him the bottom up.

American reconnaissance aircraft are fitted with equipment that allows you to capture traces of nuclear tests and aims in the Asia Pacific region in connection with the North Korean program. Washington is trying to resolve the incident in the sky, through diplomatic channels, but Beijing clearly demonstrated its displeasure with the increasing American military presence. Earlier, a similar incident occurred in the skies over the South China sea, where China leads the dispute over the Islands.

The aggravation of the situation in the Asia Pacific region directly affects Russia. However, as has shown poll, the majority — 52% of our citizens do not tend to see North Korea’s nuclear program a threat to their country. Otherwise I think 39% of respondents. In the case that the fighting will begin, the Russians would not want to see Moscow a party to the conflict. Thus, 19% in favor of absolute non-interference, and 73% allow participation only as a mediator for a peaceful settlement.

According to the Director of the research Center for East Asia and SCO of MGIMO Alexander Lukin, to expect an immediate outbreak of hostilities should not be.

— Administration of Donald trump is trying to put pressure on North Korea, because he promised during the election campaign, something to do with the Korean crisis. The US President hopes that as a result of pressure Pyongyang will abandon nuclear weapons or enter into negotiations. But hardly something will turn out, as it is a hundred times tried to do to him. In addition to the intimidation he has no other means. If North Korea refuses to follow the requirements of the United States is nothing to do there.

«SP»: — But soon the cumulative power, Arsenal, the American strike groups will be doubled. Exercises…

— Strike on North Korea is impossible, because Pyongyang will immediately begin military action against the South. Of course, the northerners lost the war eventually, but in South Korea will die a lot of people, especially in Seoul, which is located almost on the demarcation line.

With regard to convergence of the planes of China and the United States, it was many times. One American plane was even made after this emergency landing. But it’s business as usual. All each other see, sometimes dangerously close. I do not think that this danger is somehow exaggerated.

Obviously, between China and the United States there is a military competition in the Asia-Pacific region. As well as between Russia and the United States. So there are incidents. One plane where-that flies, albeit not violate the space, but the other side think he’s closer to some objects and it raises their planes. There are accidents, but no kind of war it will not.

In turn, researcher, Center for Euro-Atlantic and defense studies RISS Konstantin Blokhin examines what is happening in the context of the global confrontation between the U.S. and China that will last for many years.

In February of this year, a report of the consulting company PricewaterhouseCoopers, which provides a picture of the new world order and forecast to 2050. In this forecast, the US rolled back already on the third place after China and India. The GDP of China will happen to US twice. Thus, we observe two megatrend: the first is the rise of China, which have all agreed, and the second systemic crisis of American superpower. It explains a lot.

Yes, the US is now the strongest, but if you see the future… After world war II, the U.S. accounted for 50% of global GDP, and now they have 18-19%. In 1945, Washington had a monopoly on nuclear weapons, now it is not. At the same time, the U.S. accounted for two-thirds of the world’s gold reserves and three-quarters of global investment. Now they have a debt of 21 trillion dollars. And instead of one serious enemy, the Soviet Union, several.

Therefore, the main foreign policy priority of the United States becomes the Asia-Pacific region. This was announced not even trump, and Obama back in 2011. Was this Obama’s pivot to Asia. Trump only emphasized the necessity of containing China. No wonder he has made criticism of China economist Peter Navarro, author of «Death by China,» the head of the state trade Council.

Another trump adviser Michael Pillsbury sure that Beijing is implementing a secret plan to make China the only superpower. The plan, which is based on the stratagems of period of «Warring States» — before our era. Therefore, the United States will somehow have to adjust its course. APR here is seen the main political and economic center.

Now ATP is the main struggle for allies in the coming confrontation. No wonder, most recently, Vice President Michael Pence visited almost all countries in the region except China. Soon all the world’s problems should be considered through the prism of U.S.-China rivalry. It is clear that Trump is now preventing to hold its course. America is in political crisis, semi-paralyzed. But the main trend is the containment of China still remains.

Any elevation power automatically initiates the process of deterrence. This can be done either one the opposing power, or several. Now we see that India and all of Southeast Asia fear of Beijing. That is, there is a great game and in this game North Korea is just an excuse. It is an occasion to strengthen the triple Alliance of the USA, Japan and South Korea and perhaps find new allies: Taiwan and the ASEAN countries. Against China.

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USA tease Chinese dragon at our borders 20.05.2017

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