Us prosecutors call Tymoshenko the former Ukrainian President

On Monday the former head of the election headquarters of Donald trump by Paul Manafort was charged with lobbying activities in the interests of Ukraine in the years 2006-2015. The leader of the «Batkivshchyna» Yulia Tymoshenko, which appears in the indictment, listed as the former President of Ukraine.

The indictment against the head of the electoral headquarters of Donald trump Paul Manafort Yulia Tymoshenko is listed as the former head of Ukraine.

As stated on page 16 of the document, «Yulia Tymoshenko had served as President of Ukraine prior to Yanukovych (Tymoshenko was President of Ukraine before Yanukovych»).

According to the document, Manafort and his partner, Rick gates has received tens of millions of dollars from lobbying work in favor of Ukraine in 2006-2015 years, laundered funds received, but also violated the law on registration of foreign agents.

Manafort personally accused of laundering $ 18 million. According to the indictment, together with the gates they laundered money through dozens of American and foreign corporations, companies and accounts. Only through offshore accounts held up to $ 75 million. The activity they conducted on the instructions of Viktor Yanukovych and targeted sanctions against Ukraine, elections and the criminal case against Yulia Tymoshenko.

Us prosecutors call Tymoshenko the former Ukrainian President 31.10.2017

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