US all to be tightening the Afghan knot

The situation at the southern borders of Russia in Afghanistan is becoming increasingly unpredictable. The belief that the United States will be able to cope with the increasingly there force LIH* less. Moscow ceased to understand that the Americans will do in the region that in the future 10 years, but even one or two years, said the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

Addressed to her a question related to the upcoming entry into Afghanistan of a new American contingent in addition to the existing 8,4 thousand soldiers. On the eve of the US President Donald trump allowed the Pentagon to determine the necessary number of personnel.

According to AP, the total number of us military may increase in half. And this despite the fact that trump during election campaign called on at all to withdraw the American army from Afghanistan.

«The withdrawal of troops, then again left, while the concept of the foreign policy doctrine, the military doctrine just yet. I think this explains the fact that there is no report on the mandate of the UN Security Council, which was issued by the United States and the coalition, they were headed at the time, many years ago, no,» — said Zakharov.

In her words, «this action is going nowhere.» «They have no purpose, no strategy. We believe that it is counterproductive,» stated the diplomat. Recall that in may at the hearings in the U.S. Congress the Director of the intelligence Directorate of the U.S. Department of defense Vincent Stewart stated the need for the US and NATO to change strategy in Afghanistan, otherwise the Taliban have ** will succeed.

While in Washington, I think about countering the Taliban, their main rival in the region, ISIL is gaining strength. Before it became known that the militants of the «Islamic state» captured the famous cave complex of Tora Bora. «We plan to take control of new territory, having beaten them at the Kabul troops and the Taliban,» promised the commander of the ISIS in Afghanistan, Abu Omar Khorasani.

The terrorists also claimed responsibility for the bombing of a Shiite mosque of AZ-Zahra in Kabul, killing six people. In the previous attack at the presidential Palace and buildings of foreign embassies killed more than 150 Afghans.

Head of the Department of American studies, school of international relations St. Petersburg state University Boris Shiryaev agree with the assessment of the Russian foreign Ministry.

— Words Zakharova about what the Americans in Afghanistan was difficult to understand, just. You could even say sharper, but diplomatic etiquette does not allow. Remember, the Americans sent troops to Afghanistan in 2001, right after the attack on the trade center towers in new York. Then it was assumed that there will be a lightning operation, will be installed a democratic regime. The impression is that now they don’t know what to do. And you can not leave and stay too. There was a stalemate.

«SP»: — What is the way out?

— So it will be as long as in the United States, in the administration of the tramp, appears a glimmer of rational pragmatism. Effective influence on the situation is only possible together with Russia. Of course, our Afghan Saga was not quite as we expected, but our influence is still there. At the time we had contacts with Antitrypanosomal group as the Northern Alliance headed by Ahmad Shah Massoud.

If such U.S. engagement with Russia will not be, the Americans were bogged down even more. Us then why not enjoy it, because all the energy that will be released from the struggle with the Americans will go to the North, in Central Asia, in Kazakhstan. There steppe, there are no obstacles. Katie herself, and Katie up to the Urals.

— Indeed, the Americans have no plan in Afghanistan — said the expert on Afghanistan and Central Asia Dmitry Verkhoturov. They had few political concepts that were put forward at different times, one concept has replaced another, but they all ended without any result, no outcome was not recorded.

«SP»: — How is changing the situation inside Afghanistan?

— The situation there is deteriorating against the usual. There is a strengthening of ISIS. While talking about fundamental changes yet. It is believed that the Taliban is a national force in Afghanistan and ISIS in a lot of mercenaries, foreign experts, etc, but there is now the group, consisting of local. In some places they successfully recruit young people.

«SP»: — the Americans accused Moscow in contacts with the opposing ISIS to the Taliban. Is this true?

— There are contacts, and they are conducted for two purposes. The first is the security of Russian diplomats and the second is to persuade the Taliban to negotiate with Afghan government. It is a normal target. As for the accusations of supplies of weapons, it is known, how it is organized. To the leaders of certain groups or factions of Taliban agreed to talk to them gifts are made. These gifts usually included and weapons. This is an old practice, known since the Afghan war. This is Afghanistan — not podmazhesh, you will not go.

«SP»: — But the contacts with the official government too. Not so long ago there was a request to Russia to restore the infrastructure built by the USSR. How are things going with this?

— Some objects have already been restored. For example, on HPP naghlu, near Kabul, was delivered new turbine and it worked. But the fact that some objects cannot be restored. They need to be rebuilt. Moreover, not all objects, built by the Soviet Union need now.

Trying to influence the situation inside Afghanistan, Russia, at the same time builds a barrier against extremists in the territory of his Northern neighbours.

— Russia holds Central Asian antiterrorist exercises, including in the framework of the CSTO, — the expert of the RISS in the countries of Central Asia, Dmitry Alexandrov. — Not so long ago was held the transfer to Afghan border operational-tactical missile complexes «Iskander-M». Also our troops in Tajikistan were strengthened MLRS «Uragan». Thus, the signal to all the destructive forces that could theoretically break through from the territory of Afghanistan and to destabilize the situation on the territory of our allies in the region.

The important thing is our air base in Kant, Kyrgyzstan. It can also be used in the case of security issues.

«SP»: -And what of Uzbekistan? He is not included in the CSTO…

— Yes, not included. But with Uzbekistan we have military-technical cooperation is developing on a bilateral basis. During the spring visit of their President to Moscow it was once again confirmed. In addition, Tashkent has a fairly strong army, and the area directly borders with Afghanistan is not as large (137 km — ed.). If necessary, they can handle themselves. We also have the Treaty on allied relations even the mid 2000-ies.

«SP»: — And what about Turkmenistan?

— She has the status of neutrality, confirmed by the UN. Therefore, military cooperation with Turkmenistan can only be limited. Some problems in the Afghan area there, but until the offensive action by Afghan extremist groups towards Turkmenistan. If this happens, then the problem should be solved in some different way, taking into account the country’s neutral status. Meanwhile, Russia’s priority remains the participating countries of the CSTO.

* «Islamic state» (LIH) the Supreme court of the Russian Federation from December 29, 2014 it was recognized as a terrorist organization, its activities on the territory of Russia is prohibited.

** Taliban Supreme court of the Russian Federation on 14 February 2003, it was recognized as a terrorist organization, its activity on the territory of Russia is prohibited.

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US all to be tightening the Afghan knot 17.06.2017

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