Updated «White Swan» equip nightmare for the U.S. missile

A modernized strategic bomber Tu-160M2 creates a long range cruise missile, said in an interview with «Military standard» supervisor of the State scientific-research Institute of aviation systems (GosNIIAS) Yevgeny Fedosov. Its specifications are classified but it is known that she will be able to overcome a much greater distance than the Kh-101/Kh-102, the range of which exceeds 5,000 km, the symbol of the missile — X-DB.

The first flight of a new version of the «White Swan» as it is called Tu-160 long-range aircraft, to be held in 2018. By then, it’s finished all of its instrumentation and all weapon systems. Serial production is expected to be deployed in 2020.

Tu-160M2 is essentially a completely new aircraft, which is inherited from the basic version only glider. And then in a slightly altered form. All the «stuffing» of the other. Now the Tu-160 supersonic aircraft with variable geometry wings, is the best in the world strategic bomber. It has the largest payload, highest speed, it has no equal in the limit altitude combat radius, on the power, his most long-range missiles. And only by stealth he gives to the American bomber b-2 which is built using stealth technology. However, for a «trucker», capable of hitting targets without approaching the zone of enemy air defenses, this characteristic is not so significant. The combat efficiency of the new machine, according to Deputy defense Minister Yuri Borisov, to increase 2.5 times in comparison with the Tu-160, which was adopted long-range aviation of the air force in 1987.

Since the end of serial production of Tu-160, which was released 35 cars, a quarter of a century. Therefore, to create serial production of Tu-160M2 at the Kazan aviation plant named after Gorbunov accounts from scratch. All of the unique technological installation for vacuum welding of titanium large items destroyed. And Assembly shop, the collar is rolling out a huge «White swans», has fallen into absolute disrepair. It restored the system of engineering communications and peretiraetsya roof. Not preserved and technological documentation, in connection with which the subcontractors have to re-develop for the Kazan plant installation to perform complex technological operations.

But the plane, of course, more complicated than the production infrastructure. And Tupolev had to work on two fronts. In parallel with the creation of the Tu-160M2 is to develop a Promising aviation complex Distant aviation (PAK DA). And it is extremely helpful for the upgraded «White Swan», partly because it is installed equipment that is developed for a bomber of the new generation.

On the submarine will be equipped with new engines NK-32−02, which are created in Samara SNTK named after N. D.Kuznetsova as a deep modernization of the NK-32 with the goal of improving performance. The new engine uses an electronic control system that reduces fuel consumption and therefore increases range. Afterburner NK-32−02 provides phenomenal thrust of 25,000 kgf. On the submarine set of 4 of these engines. And 4 is ready, preparations are underway for the beginning of their ground tests.

It is assumed that on the basis of NK-32−02 will be created the engine for the PAK DA.

The avionics for new rocket carrier is created in such a way that it allows you to upgrade all systems in the shortest possible time. Electronic systems of the plane are connected according to the principle of open architecture. This means that any new system with better characteristics in comparison with outdated, connects as easy as, say, the computer connects the printer or some other external device. You just have to connect to the connector and tighten a few screws. And the operating system on-Board computer recognizes a «newbie» and integrates it into the dashboard structure of the aircraft.

However, the designers of the concern «Radioelectronic technologies» (KRET), creating for missile avionics, went even further in terms of standardization and interchangeability of equipment. Advisor to first Deputy General Director of concern Vladimir Mikheev, told RIA «news» have told about new possibilities of electronic equipment of the new aircraft: «Tu-160M2 each electronic unit of the aircraft will be able, if necessary, to deal with all the issues — for example, a complex electronic warfare will be able to take over the functions of other control systems. That is, if you went out on one of the computers, the system allows you to switch the resources of the entire aircraft for a solution to this problem». Thus, significantly increases the survivability of all aircraft electronic systems.

The designers raised the maximum survivability and mechanical systems. This is achieved through the parallelization of actuators and piping, to minimize the risk of fires and explosions on Board even in the case of mechanical damage as a result of gun or rocket fire. All these measures should further improve the reliability of this unique long-range aircraft and achieve guaranteed performance of fighting tasks.

If the designers Tupolev use the same technological advances as in the submarine, and in future PAK DA, the KRET specialists are in the same pattern. In the system of self-defense Tu-160M2 apply the same practices that are embedded in a promising fighter T-50 PAK FA the Sukhoi design Bureau. This Vladimir Mikheyev said in an interview. Assessing the prospects of implementation in missile defensive technologies, he said: «We make this plane would be protected in all physical fields from land, from air defense missile systems, and from all types of prospective aircraft weapons. Because of certain reasons we can not call the specified characteristics of complex self Tu-160M2. But, believe me, he will be able to provide almost 100 percent protection of this plane.»

The Tu-160M2 increase the shock strength, which is achieved both by the creation of new long range missile the Kh-database, and the introduction of a new weapons control system. The rockets will be more precise targeting. To improve the accuracy of bombing with the use of air bombs.

Information on the range of X-DB, as mentioned above, are classified. But already in the Arsenal Tu-160M2 missiles X-101 (high-explosive) and Kh-102 (nuclear) have no analogues in the world. And the US in the segment of strategic cruise missiles «air-surface» there is a strong lag of Russia.

10 years ago the reverse was the case: the Russian Kh-55 had a range of 2,500 km, the American AGM-129 — 3700 km in 2007, However, the AGM-129 was removed from service. Now the farthest an American missile that is used on the b-52, the AGM-86D (development of Boeing) was able to fly 1200 km. whereas our X-101 range is 5,500 km. That is, the difference is more than 4 times.

Missiles X-101 was developed in the ICD «rainbow», included in the Corporation «Tactical missiles». She was adopted in 2013. Classified new long range missile, no doubt, create in the same KB using experience obtained in the design of X-101. That is part of all tactical and technical characteristics it will be, at least, do not concede now the farthest missile in the world.

Therefore, there is a sense of probability to describe the X-database using the information about the Kh-101 and given that the new missile will surpass the characteristics of the currently used missiles.

The missile is subsonic. It maximize the use of stealth technology, therefore the effective area of scattering in the area of 0.01 sq. m. the AGM-86D to 0.02 sq. m. the Maximum deviation from the target is 5-6 meters. This was achieved thanks to the fact that the control system for an inertial channel added two more GLONASS and channel opto-electronic correction of a trajectory with the television hovering on the last part of the trajectory.

In conclusion, given the performance characteristics of the four most distant missiles. One of them is the AGM-129 is already decommissioned.

The performance characteristics of the Kh-555, Kh-101, AGM-129 and AGM-86D

Length, m: 8, 9 — 7,45 — 7,35 — 6,32

Diameter, mm: 770 — 742 — 740 — 620

Wing span, m: 3,1 — 3,0 — 3,12 — 3,65

Launch weight, kg: 1500 — 2400 — 1250 — 1950

Weight of warhead, kg: 410 — 400 — 200 — 540

The weight of fuel, kg: n/a — 1250 — n/a — n/a

Engine thrust, kgf: 400 — 500 — 330 — 275

Cruising speed, km/h: 720 — 720 — n/a — 775

The maximum speed, km/h: 970 — 970 — 800 — 1000

Range, km: 2000 — 5500 — 3700 — 1200

March flight altitude, m: 40/110 — 30/70 — n/a — n/a

EPR, sq. m.: 0,1 — 0,01 — 0,01 — 0,02

QUO m: 20 — 5 — 30 — 3

Operation: 2004-present — 2013-present— 1993-2007 — 2002-n/a

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Updated «White Swan» equip nightmare for the U.S. missile 21.04.2017

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