United States «insulted» by the fact that Russia prevents them to restore your order

Despite the fact that US foreign policy is determined by the President, it can influence the so-called «party of war», which is based on not only the Pentagon but the State Department, Congress and various media. It prevents the establishment of cooperation between Washington and Moscow, although this is within the zone of interests of the United States, said the Executive editor of The Nation Stephen Cohen.

From his point of view, the United States can work in cooperation with Russia on «some reasons», among them the fact that «of all the foreign leaders, Russian President Vladimir Putin opposed the non-conservative world order that is trying to install the United States.»

«Moreover, Russia has regained its great power status in the international arena, 20 years after the collapse of the USSR, which is contrary to and even offends the aspirations of the United States to impose its own world order. Therefore, any cooperation with Moscow, in their view, confirms the «rebirth of Russia», and it outraged American party of war,» writes Cohen.

That is, according to the author, prevents the establishment of peace in Ukraine became epicenter new cold war. European governments that once unconditionally supported the Kiev authorities, especially Germany and France, are tired of what Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko does not perform the Minsk agreement.

«Ukrainian project» to break the historical ties of Russia with Ukraine was prepared in Washington. And it is because here (in Washington – ed.) we are witnessing the last attempts to save both Poroshenko and the project as a whole,» concludes Cohen.

United States «insulted» by the fact that Russia prevents them to restore your order 23.09.2016

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