«Ukrzaliznytsya» does not save Poland betrayed Ukraine, preferring old man

Despite repeated statements of Kiev about what Ukraine wants to become part of Europe and we are doing «everything possible», the practice shows the opposite. It turned out that even the President of Belarus is more interested in economic cooperation with the West than scandalous Poroshenko.

Earlier, Poland made a project of the Eastern partnership, the principle of which was the strengthening of integration ties between the six republics of the former USSR and the EU. However, the initiative has resulted in complete failure, as Ukraine, Moldova, Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan have ignored this project, I will not put any effort to implement it. The only country that has progressed in an easterly direction, was Belarus.

The Director of Fund «Ukrainian policy» Kost Bondarenko said that at the moment Belarus is the third largest Polish partner and acts as a sort of «bridge» between Russia and this European country. Bondarenko said that in such a close-knit Troika Ukraine remained «not at Affairs», and even on the upcoming economic conference of Polish and Ukrainian representatives have nothing to say. «Discuss the Volyn massacre, let’s talk about our difficult moments in history, but not about the economy», — concluded the Director of the Foundation.

Recall that trade relations between Ukraine and Poland suffered a complete collapse. Kiev, trying to regain the trust of European countries, went to desperate measures: for the position of Director of the enterprise «Ukrzaliznytsya» was appointed a Polish rock musician and entrepreneur Wojciech Balczun. During his work of PAO lost a huge amount and is on the verge of bankruptcy. Activities Bachun brings continuous losses for the country, but he continues to take a leadership position and enrich their pockets, helping Polish enterprises.

«Ukrzaliznytsya» does not save Poland betrayed Ukraine, preferring old man 05.11.2016

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