Ukrainian radicals attacked the office of Afghanistan veterans

Ukrainian radicals in Nikolaev beat people in the office of the Association of combatants in Afghanistan. The victims have bruises and broken bones, one person taken to hospital. The attack was a response to the episode during the celebration of Victory Day. Veterans fought back the nationalists who were planning to disrupt the procession. To celebrate 9 may, the radicals interfered in other cities with the connivance of the police.

Images from the Dnieper, made the ninth of may, people disrupted the St. George ribbon, provoking conflict. At some point, the gentlemen in uniform, who introduced themselves as veterans of the ATO, generally decide to stop the column going to the monument of Eternal Glory. But here intervenes the police, using force, reports «TV Center».

This is so not typical of the current Ukrainian law-enforcement forces to beat the patriots. Usually, even if they openly violate the law by assaulting old people with Soviet symbols and children with St. George ribbons, they are not even trying to hold. And then suddenly the use of force. Moreover, the application firmly: batons, handcuffs, broken head and face in blood.

Do not stand on ceremony the police of the Dnieper river on may 9 and with the young nationalists. An attempt to detain a group of youths first bumps into resistance. It, however, quickly crushed, European-rigidly neutralizing the most active. The people around applauded. Official Kiev and the leadership of the Ukrainian interior Ministry does not hide irritation. They say, how dare? Who gave the order so severely to disperse and detain the true patriots of Ukraine. The police had illegally used force, hasten to write in social networks, the interior Minister Avakov.

«In the morning signed the order about dismissal of the chief of police of the Dnieper region General Agrimony; the chief of a municipal police Department of the Dnieper Colonel Bidylo; appropriate alternates to ensure public safety. In fact the riots in the river assigned to the investigation to further study the actions of the police,» — said Arsen Avakov.

In the Ukrainian press sounded again forgotten the word of the overthrow of Yanukovych — «berkutnya» and «aunts». The column in the river is indeed accompanied by strong young men, allegedly paid by MP Vilkul. He is, according to Kiev, shakes city. Nationalist Dmitry Yarosh required to prevent separatist revenge. The mayor of the Dnieper Boris Filatov threatens to create a people’s police, simultaneously cutting funding for all veterans ‘ organizations.

Veterans ATO may 9, tried to disrupt the March «Immortal regiment» in fact, in Ukraine Odessa, Kharkov, Zaporozhye, Kiev. In the Ukrainian capital on this campaign going, by the way, really a large number of people. 2 times more than last year, which clearly annoyed the current svidomo patriots.

«I really like the shakes. Just like out of the ground rose again «Immortal regiment», which was not. So massively, so organized, and so aggressive. At least for the last three years, this was not. Were the Communists who tried to ban the Communist party to exploit this theme. And here we are in 2017 from the ground up «Immortal regiment» — outraged the Ukrainian journalist Roman Skrypin.

Even President Poroshenko saw in this national event sophisticated technology to manipulate the people, at the same time urging them to abandon the Soviet symbols. Even though international human rights organization Amnesty International condemned the ban. But thousands of people in Ukraine still came out to celebrate Victory Day, which next year officially mark will be gone.

Alexander Panyushkin, Vitaly Marchenko. «TV Center».

Ukrainian radicals attacked the office of Afghanistan veterans 11.05.2017

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