Ukrainian nuclear power plants can remain without nuclear fuel

Ukrainian nuclear power plants can remain without nuclear fuel, supplying American subsidiary of Toshiba-Westinghouse Electric. Its losses reached almost $7 billion Since the Toshiba with this situation doesn’t want to put up, the company decided to bankrupt Westinghouse Electric.

As reported TASS, on Wednesday, the Board of Directors of the Japanese Corporation Toshiba has approved the decision of the American company Westinghouse Electric to file a petition in the bankruptcy court providing for the reorganization and to obtain protection from creditors. The beginning of procedure of bankruptcy of this subsidiary will allow Toshiba to allow the ability of Japanese corporations to tackle the issue of large losses in the current financial year (will end on 31 March — ed). Despite the fact that the bankruptcy of American daughters will extend losses to $9 billion, it will save Toshiba from more massive losses.

For Ukraine, the bankruptcy of Westinghouse Electric will be a very big problem.Recall that in 2014, Ukraine and Westinghouse agreed to supply us nuclear fuel on certain units of Ukrainian nuclear power plants until 2020 In August of 2016 Ukraine has agreed with the American company to increase the supply, and the construction of a plant for fuel production in Ukraine.

Experts have repeatedly warned about the risks of that cooperation and the refusal of Ukraine of Russian fuel. There are several cases of depressurization of Westinghouse fuel elements when they are used at nuclear power plants constructed under the Russian and Soviet projects, reports the News.Economy.

So, in may 2016 in the reactor of unit № 3 South-Ukrainian NPP, which is the fuel use from 2015, there was such a breach. A few years ago at the Czech Temelin NPP, where the reactors of the Russian fuel produced by Westinghouse, there was a similar case. Czech Republic even for some time refused the services of this provider. However, the company still managed to convince all parties that the use of its fuel is safe.

It should be noted that Westinghouse can produce fuel assemblies for nuclear reactors built by Rosatom, «Rosatom» can produce fuel for reactors of Western design. But from an economic point of view, the partnership with Westinghouse on third countries unprofitable, as they have to pay for diversification of supply of nuclear fuel.

Ukrainian nuclear power plants can remain without nuclear fuel 29.03.2017

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