Ukrainian military fired 20 settlements of Donbass

About 20 settlements of Donbass has undergone a massive attack from the Kiev forces. According to the defense Ministry DND, only last night Ukrainian military fired more than 300 shells in Donetsk, Yasinovataya and Gorlovka. Security forces also fired and controlled Avdiyivka. Thus, according to the DNR, Kiev is trying to shift the blame on militias.

Smoke, destroyed walls and glowing plaque on the remains of the Foundation. A direct hit. Shells from howitzers. The house in which Alex and Natalia lived for almost 40 years, was completely destroyed, reports «TV Center».

The hosts miraculously survived. Spent all night in the basement. They are not military. Retired. But during the years of Ukrainian army shelling of Avdiivka already know: as soon as you hear the first gap, out of the house should run.

From the estate left only the stove, a pot and an old Bicycle. The rest of the utensils — under the ruins. In the next house Mina smashed the roof. The second fell in the yard. Not detonated. It shells those the cannons and mortars. The Ukrainian army. Which, according to Minsk agreements, should be withdrawn from the line of contact. 15 km. But the owner of the house Victor lives literally on the front line.

Just Avdeevka damaged 13 homes. Another destroyed in Yasinovataya. Missiles from multiple rocket launchers. And this after literally two days ago in Minsk the conflicting parties and international mediators headed by the special representative of the OSCE Chairman Martin Sidikom reiterated the need to withdraw from the frontiers, all the weapons.

According to Baturina, government Square was prepared and a new sophisticated provocation. The victims it was supposed to be a Finnish journalists working in the conflict zone. Guilty, of course, the militia DND.

This action, now known to the public, was to cause criticism of the authorities of the DNI the international community. This time the provocation failed. But I think in the Donbass, not that one, the other, organized by the secret services of Ukraine, may appear at any time. For Kiev in the conflict with the republics.

Military conflict, Donetsk is now the best and easiest way to distract the public from real problems. A state of emergency in the energy sector. Moreover, there is no need to look for a new enemy. The iron logic of official Kiev and nationalists to blame the Donbass.

Timur Abdullaev, «TV Center».

Ukrainian military fired 20 settlements of Donbass 18.02.2017

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