Ukraine scares Catalonia «Russian tanks»

Foreign Minister of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin said that «Russian tanks» could subdue Catalonia.

Foreign Minister of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin said that if Catalonia was attended by a large armored Union of Russia, the whole territory would have been under the control of the Russian Federation. He said this at a meeting with Minister of foreign Affairs of Spain Alfonso Tacticom in Kiev, reports channel NewsOne.

«Imagine that right now in Catalonia would be two thousand Russian tanks and armored vehicles, thousands of Russian regular troops and tens of thousands of Russian mercenaries. All this would be controlled by Russia», – he fantasized Klimkin.

The Spanish government unilaterally deprived Catalonia of Autonomous status of the regionafter there was a referendum on independence. In addition, Madrid has suspended all Catalan Parliament. The region’s leader Carles Pujdeme in response to the decision of the Spanish government has urged the Catalans to the «democratic resistance.»

The nineteenth of October 2017 , the head of Russia Vladimir Putin, commenting on the situation around the independence of Catalonia, said that uhit is an internal affair of Spain, and the situation should be settled under Spanish law.

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Ukraine scares Catalonia «Russian tanks» 31.10.2017

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