Ukraine is preparing language Gestapo

As stated by Anatoly Wasserman, Ukrainian Nazism is particularly dangerous because the Nazis in Ukraine are, as a nation – no. But the local fascists have successfully overcome this problem, forbidding even to think in Russian. In Ukraine are preparing such a radical language law, that it is time to talk about the language of the Gestapo.

A new language barrier. Rather, «the great Ukrainian wall». Those who have already managed to get acquainted with another masterpiece of legislative thoughts of MPs – among them former Minister of justice of Ukraine – initiative called «grandiose delusions».

«I have no doubt that the project of forced Ukrainization will become law. To restrict the rights and destroy the Parliament turns out fine,» — wrote in his Facebook ex-head of the Ukrainian Ministry of justice Olena Lukash.

The main task, according to a 50 page project – the strengthening of national identity, preservation of culture and historical memory. And, of course, the protection and development of Ukrainian, «as the original language of the titular nation». And those who would dare «humiliate» or at least «neglected» Ukrainian – that is, in a public place to talk to each other, for example, Russian – risking prison for three years for desecration of the state symbols, which are language, experts say, according to the Constitution of the country in fact is not true.

«The 20th article of the Constitution, it gives an exhaustive, that is all, no more, full list of symbols of the state. There are only three. This is the flag, emblem and anthem. I don’t understand how the law changed the Constitution. That is, it can’t be in a legal state,» — said Ukrainian political analyst Alexander Semchenko.

«This bill, it comes in a big conflict, he generally goes against the Constitution of Ukraine, violating human rights, violating human rights, violating civil rights. Because the only language they are going to use in all areas of life – it will be Ukrainian», — said the head of the Ukrainian center of «Freedom of speech» Olena Bondarenko.

And this is no exaggeration. Sterilization total. The Ukrainian will be obliged to speak of officials at all levels of government. And police officers, doctors, judges and teachers. Kindergarten, school, University and during the training process and outside of it – the sound should only derzhavna mova. Those who do not know Ukrainian, former MP Irina Farion proposed to revoke the citizenship.

«These people, this bill attempted to regulate everything, down to the names that mom and dad give their children. One Chapter is devoted to just the same names», — said Olena Bondarenko.

Computer programs only with the Ukrainian interface. All the services: restaurants, shops, pharmacies. Even the labeling of products – chicken, for example, or medications – must be in Ukrainian. And this in a country accustomed to bilingualism.

«Who cares what you say in what language? I love you, I love you Kohala. Or I hate you and I’m nenaviju. Here between the first two, they refuse. We propose another, and say — I’m nenaviju bilshe. I do not comment, sorry, morons,» said political analyst Volodymyr Skachko.

After TV and radio made it to the concerts. Their conduct can only be in Ukrainian or with simultaneous translation. Similar story with the movies in theaters and exhibitions. At least half of the books in a year will have to produce in the state language. The authorities have already received the right to restrict the import of printed products. Same with Newspapers and magazines. Most of which, for objective reasons, is Russian-language information space.

«Attempts to regulate this issue by the language talking only about violence. The market in this case showed that a large part of the Ukrainian gloss is not viable, because there are not enough consumers ukrainojazychnoj printed products that are ready to vote in local currency, to buy and provide sufficient copies for sustainability of any publication,» — said Bondarenko.

All who violate the rules will face a fine from six to ten thousand or criminal penalties. And to have someone to complain to MPs propose to create a special Ombudsman for the protection of the state language, which, in turn, will work 27 inspectors snoops. In addition, there is an initiative to create the special Commission where the test for knowledge of Ukrainian will have to go and presidential candidate. Without the appropriate certificate its just not included in electoral lists. And that, experts say, can upset the voter.

«There is a common motive for flirting with the Ukrainian authorities and right-wing, right-wing radicals. And although this is a small part of society – up to 30% together with sympathetic – but it is at least half of those voting and at least two-thirds of the protesters. The overall objective of the elite – flirting with these people that will determine the outcome of the elections», — said the Director of the Ukrainian Institute of analysis and management Ruslan Bortnik.

And that «play» was fun, the new project will legalize denunciations of those who do not comply with language rules. And this right will be granted to every Ukrainian. The fight against «domestic separatism» that Kiev officially began two years ago, now renamed to «language dictates». But the essence remains the same. The doctor refused to serve the patient in the Ukrainian traitor. School teachers, even at recess and started talking among themselves in Russian- shame! Letters linguistic Ombudsman will go in batches. And while some active Russophobes – will «knock on the neighbors», the neighbors, the silent majority will be faced with a choice: either to be in prison for what they say and think in Russian, or leave the country. And last, according to statistics, 60 percent. Half of them serious.

«And then, further disaster. Because the country is in a terrible position. She continues to degrade, in General, in all aspects of their social, economic and political life. We see that the political elite have lost their people. The alternatives in this case no, due to what she keeps. So, Ukraine is waiting for a pretty tough scrap. Most likely, the tragic demolition, because the country could plunge into chaos,» — said a leading researcher at the Russian Institute of strategic studies Oleg Nemensky.

And launched him a quarter of a century ago those who are trying to create a monolithic nation, the only idea of which is the hatred of everything Russian. And, as the example of followers of Ukrainian nationalism, it goes by leaps and bounds. Those who do not agree, break through the knee. And the rest is lost identity. About Russia and about why it is bad, you know more than you about Ukraine and about what it better. And that’s the essence of a simple formula for maintaining the country. And this is why in recent years Kiev has quarreled with all neighbours. Which, however, did not have any illusions. When the anti-Russian rhetoric will come to naught, will take on other national minorities. And hatred, hardened by decades of propaganda and usersinou in new generations, enough for all.

Michael Shekoyan, Tatiana Matyushina, Valery Maksimov, «the events center»

Ukraine is preparing language Gestapo 17.06.2017

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