Ukraine is becoming a burial ground for nuclear waste from around the world

About the new Grand victory of the Maidan, reported the head of Ministry
Ihor Nasalyk. Ukraine will still be a Depository for
spent nuclear fuel, and the official Kiev already took a loan from
USA. Now that one American and two Ukrainian firms have earned millions
on the construction of a deadly object, the entire population of Ukraine will be
to pay years.

The Ukrainian authorities have agreed to increase supplies to Ukraine nuclear
fuel the American company Westinghouse about the construction loan
near Kiev the dry storage of spent nuclear fuel. This is with reference to
the leadership of the Ukrainian energy Ministry said the «Reporter.»

«We agreed on the diversification of supplies almost half of the nuclear units and agreed to build a nuclear fuel plant in Ukraine».

«During a trip to the USA signed a loan agreement for $ 260 million for the construction of dry storage of spent nuclear fuel, which will be built in the Chernobyl zone… not only is It highly economical and viable project, we can also diversify the spent nuclear fuel.

Ukrainian authorities explain
the initiative is simple: the government spends today on sending nuclear waste to
Russia 150-200 million dollars a year, and the total cost of your own storage
may be only about 350 million of This amount as a loan Kiev had hoped
to in Bank of America or Merrill Lynch.

I must say that technically the author of the controversial ideas is an ex-President
Of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko. The construction of a nuclear landfill has been agreed by him in
2005. But then against this initiative rebelled locals, after
what gradually in connection with the upcoming elections, the project began to go back on stage
allocation for these purposes the land plots. And after the victory of Viktor Yanukovych he
and completely stalled.

But whether the new government. The allocation of close to Chernobyl, more than 42
hectares of land for the storage of nuclear waste was one of the first decisions
Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk. The General contractor was initially
claiming the role of an American company Holteс International that do not have in this area of serious experience.
The construction works will be carried out by the Ukrainian company «UTEM-Engineering»
and the state Corporation «Ukrtransbud». Both companies, by the way, judging by the available media
information, are participants in questionable schemes. Experts have repeatedly written about their dishonesty.

But who today cares? Construction is actively lobbied, and
this process is exclusively enhanced with Patriotic rhetoric. Supposedly, the construction of
the vault will «relieve the burden of dependency from Russia, which today
takes waste from Ukrainian nuclear fuel of Russian production
recycling and keeping items in temporary storage that remains after it.
Western countries such generous offers anyone do. Bought the fuel? All
what you do with him is your problem and the seller they do not care.
American fuel, of course, Russia will not accept.

It turns out that Kiev does the us simply Royal gift. First, starting to purchase from
Westinghouse nuclear fuel, which moreover is more expensive by about 20%, so still not fit
for operation in the Soviet stations are relatively unsafe, resulting from
he already refused a number of European countries.

Secondly, hires as
General contractor not the most experienced and reputable company for
large bet on Ukraine experiments.

Thirdly, it takes Americans to
the purpose of money in interest-bearing debt.

Fourthly, building on
the territory of the warehouse, which according to some experts, will be designed
not only for the Ukrainian waste, but for waste materials Westinghouse
from third countries. This possibility is stipulated by the Ukrainian legislation.
So the Ukraine at the same time gives you the opportunity to increase sales of American

Well isn’t this brilliant? Give the Ukrainians to poison themselves for their own account,
giving the Americans the opportunity to make a buck. Although, of course,
earn not only overseas friends. Media noted that the Ukrainian
contractors are extremely loyal to the current government, will probably enable
drank credit to those who order them. And then to pay for all
this celebration of life will be from the budget.

But what steals in the construction of Ukrainian officials and earn
American businessmen, is a problem of tenth. The most important thing is what
nuclear burial ground threatens Ukraine and the region as a whole.

Ukrainian ecologist, Director of the public organization «Kiev
ekologo-cultural centre Vladimir Boreyko:

«Governments change, but ignorance and short-sightedness in approach remains. The risks are huge, no storage less than a hundred kilometers from the capital to build. Ukraine is a populous country, we have to store nuclear waste is nowhere: or we realize it or dabble with nuclear power, what will pay dearly. The problem is that scientists can not say how the waste will behave in time, so officially all the stores have a status of provisional, but actually exploited infinitely. Ukraine on its own stupidity turns into a reserve of nuclear waste from around the world. Of course, if the warehouse is built to store spent fuel in it will want the United States and Europe – to keep it they don’t want».

Scholars and social activists point to the fact that in Ukraine there continues to be a disaster, something lights up, something explodes.
And if another incident will occur at a nuclear burial ground, it
will just lead to terrible consequences. Radioactive contamination may
be subjected to the Dnieper river, along which millions of people live, and which carries its
water in the Black sea.

The Americans keep their nuclear waste in the deserts, the French — secluded
Islands in the ocean. We, in Russia, the waste is buried under the ground in remote
areas. To arrange a nuclear burial ground is practically in the suburbs of its capital, Yes
also on the banks of the main waterway of the country, yet knew no one.

Residents of the settlements located in the vicinity of
the alleged site of the construction of the repository has already been resent. But the current government in
Ukraine is not Yanukovych and even Yushchenko. Anyone who today dares
to protest against the projects approved from overseas, automatically becomes
a separatist, an agent of the Kremlin and an enemy of the Ukrainian people. Representatives
the Kiev regime has absolutely no honor, conscience, decency, love of
own people. Clearly not enough of them and mind. But the determination they do not hold.
And if the current regime continues, in 2018, as stipulated in the plan,
the entire population of Ukraine will be not even on a powder keg, and dirty nuclear
bomb. And also to pay out of pocket for this dubious

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Ukraine is becoming a burial ground for nuclear waste from around the world 10.08.2016

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