Ukraine humiliated NATO: «modern equipment is useless without our tactics»

Today, June 17, Austrian magazine Profil published an interview with the foreign Minister of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin. Among other things, he once told the Europeans about what the Ukrainian army is the most formidable force in Europe, without which NATO cannot do.

In particular, he noted that no Western army can not boast of the endurance, readiness and tactics, what is the APU. And without these qualities any technique, no matter how perfect it wouldn’t be useless, said Klimkin.

Such statements from the Kiev sound. Regularly, the Ukrainian military experts and commanders say that only Ukraine knows how to defeat the Russians. However, to confirm the bravado of politicians, soldiers APU fails. In the spring Ukrainian tankers took part in a Strong Europe Tank Challenge 2017, the Western analogue of the Russian tank biathlon. At competitions in Germany, Kiev sent the crews of the last war in the Donbass. However, following the results of competitions «ATO veterans» took fifth place out of six.

Besides, today one of the fighters «the strongest army in Europe» during a booze shot ten of his colleagues who disagreed with his «tactical calculations» in the Donbass.

Ukraine humiliated NATO: «modern equipment is useless without our tactics» 17.06.2017

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