Tyumen has become a backdrop for a disaster movie

Flooded streets, roofs are torn off and dozens of accidents on the grid. In several regions of Russia to eliminate the consequences of heavy rain with squally wind. In the Tyumen region, 15 thousand people were left without electricity. Emergency crews are working around the clock. Storm warning is declared and in the neighboring areas.

Looks like stills from a film about the Apocalypse. Weather in Tjumen, but rather the bad weather not a little frightened residents, said «TV Center». In the city, the storm broke. The wind speed reached 23 meters per second, thunder, lightning and a powerful shower. The day had the monthly norm of precipitation.

Streets of Tyumen was more like the Venetian. Only boats not enough. And the residents would love for them to move.

Many owners of cars do not even dare to sit behind the wheel. And public transport also could not cope. Many decided to wait out this home.

Water even got inside the buildings. The first floors of banks and shopping centers were flooded. In one of the branches started to beat a fountain. The automatic door thus locked, and to get the employees had to call the hazmat team. 15 thousand people in the Tyumen region were left without electricity. Everywhere, broken trees and broken power lines. Rescuers are working around the clock and restore the city. Planned parties and events had to be postponed to next week.

Approximately the same situation was at the weekend in Kazan and in Perm. Problems with public transport and electricity now in the Kurgan region. Rain and thunderstorms also caused serious damage to several settlements. In one village even had a tornado that literally tore down a few old wooden houses. In Moscow weather is also worse on the eyes. Declared a yellow danger level is the third out of five. The evening weather forecasters promise a rain.

Elizabeth homeland, «TV Center»

Tyumen has become a backdrop for a disaster movie 19.06.2017

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