Two soldiers of the Foreign Legion lost a canoe and drowned

French media reported that during the exercise, near Paris famed Foreign Legion has lost two fighters. The incident occurred during the course of overcoming of water barriers.

Press notes that the divisions of the Legion had to overcome the Marne river, flowing near the French capital. The maneuvers were performed with paired canoes. Despite the fact that this river is very calm to the opposite shore, swam not all.

According to preliminary data, the boat with the men went over, and one of the soldiers went down. At this time the second has tried to pull it out, but after several attempts, he drowned himself. Perhaps the bridging of the river was conducted with the full calculation, and the first fighter is confused and failed to hold an emergency reset «unloading».

Foreign Legion is the most efficient part of the French army. It is formed from foreigners wishing to obtain citizenship of the Republic in exchange for military service. After the collapse of the USSR, the Foundation of the Legion was made up of the immigrants from the CIS countries, past military training in the marine corps and airborne troops and other special forces.

Two soldiers of the Foreign Legion lost a canoe and drowned 19.05.2017

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