Trump messed up the first foreign visit

The President of the United States Donald trump went to his first, since the election, foreign trip – to Saudi Arabia and Israel. This event was marred for the American leader the news of the appointment of a special Prosecutor to investigate the accusations against him. So it is in the first year of his first term was on the same slippery slope that forty years ago led to the impeachment of Richard Nixon.

The news that all a bit of investigation regarding the alleged ties trump with Russia to be one, and it will conduct a special spectacular Robert Mueller, frankly brought the American leader of yourself. «I think that it causes terrible harm to our country, because it shows us divided, confused, fragmented», he said, for example, in an interview with CNN and СNBC.

Alas, trump has once again demonstrated that, at least while he is not a politician and businessman in politics, and a new role in which he found himself, is given to him with difficulty. As developer (and all of his adult life) he was accustomed to take decisions that should be strictly complied with by his subordinates. Trump in their companies had no Board of Directors: all the successes and mistakes in business was his and only his own merit. Now, in the eighth decade of years he was in a very unusual situation, when he, in fact, not so much. The President of the United States is not the sole master of the business of the Corporation, which requires the achievement of the desired result and nothing more, but rather a mediator, designed to accommodate the interests of different actors in American politics. Trump is not used to the situation when his actions are examined under the microscope, when caught in error, simply criticized from all sides – as the press and his own party. Hence the nervous statements and obviously bad moves, like the dismissal of FBI Director James Comey before the meeting with the foreign Minister of Russia Sergey Lavrov: the importance of symbolic coincidences in politics, trump is also not able to evaluate fully.

In General, the choice of the country of the first visit is very similar to the act trump-a businessman, not trump policy. During his campaign, he relied that part of the American elite (businessmen, politicians, Industrialists), who are interested in internal American Affairs and a little foreign policy. Saudi Arabia is among the few countries that is really exciting that part of the American establishment. She is not only serious regional leader and an important trading partner of the United States. For example, a large buyer of U.S. weapons, and trump was actively supported by representatives of the military-industrial complex

However, trump has a reputation as someone who knows how to learn, including from their mistakes. At his age, it is certainly not easy. Cannot believe that trump will become a politician, is Hillary Clinton. Former Secretary of state and former presidential candidate from the Democratic party obviously had recovered from defeat and the last time showing frenzied activity. In the US, announced the creation of the OnwardTogether («Forward together»). Its founder, Hillary Clinton. In the project description posted on its website, States that it is created to «promote progressive values and to work to build a brighter future for generations to come». However CNN, citing its sources, reported that the real purpose of the «Forward together» will be the funding of organizations opposing the course of trump and the support of candidates for various government posts who oppose the current President. The ultimate goal of the project, presumably, will be early presidential elections. They, of course, possible after the impeachment of the Trump.

Clinton responded to attacks on its address, which in recent years have increasingly allows himself the President. Previously, these attacks did not go further verbal escapades, repeating the debate during the electoral campaign. But, apparently, to seize the initiative from its critics, trump took over former rival seriously. He signed a decree on the establishment of a Committee to check allegations of manipulation with the elections. It will include representatives of both the Republican and Democratic parties. And it will be headed by Vice President Michael Penny, one of those people to whom the head of state completely trusts.

The Commission, in accordance with its stated objectives, will test all the accusations of manipulation in the election campaign. Including those who were nominated as trump against Clinton. A lot of them. In particular, the President claims that his opponent voted three to five million illegal immigrants.

The Board of Pensions will consist of 15 people and is expected to submit its report to the President in 2018. At the same time, likely to be completed and investigation of trump. It turns out, next year may be a curious situation: both ex-presidential candidates will face formal legal charges. Clinton, and Trump will have to justify themselves before all America. But the price of a loss in the upcoming fight will be different for them.Reputation is Clinton, will certainly suffer. But unlikely to even award a penalty. And the chance to justify her high. In the end, the American electoral system is a complicated thing, differing from state to state and is largely built on the credibility of the voter. For example, not all the voters who came to the area, require to show a document with a photograph. Under these conditions, and illegals can vote, regardless of the ill will Clinton or not.

And if trump loses, then he will become the second, after Richard Nixon, the US President, who prematurely lose power under threat of impeachment. This will give Clinton a chance to compete for the presidency – the second and last, given that this year she’s turning seventy. Her to forget that if not for all the same oddities of the electoral system, she would have won the election last year? After all, it was voted on a few million more than trump.

Trump messed up the first foreign visit 19.05.2017

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