Trump is going to fight terrorists, not Assad

Donald trump said in an interview to the Wall Street journal that in Syria, the U.S. needs to fight the terrorists, not the legitimate leader of the country Bashar Assad.

The US President Donald trump said that Syria needs to fight the terrorist group ISIS (an organization banned in Russia by the Supreme Court), not the legitimate head of state Bashar Assad. Trump said that the United States has long supported the rebels in Syria, although not fully understand who they are. In addition, among the allies of Damascus is now Iran, which in recent years has become stronger. And most importantly, that in the Union with President of Syria now is Russia, and any attacks against Assad from the US can only lead to a confrontation with Moscow, said the U.S. President.

That is why now it is necessary to throw all forces on the fight against terrorism, and not on the change of government in this country, summed up the Donald trump.

Trump is going to fight terrorists, not Assad 12.11.2016

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