Trump is concerned about the consequences of the investigation, Mueller

Donald trump is concerned that the investigation of spectracolor Robert Mueller about communications between his headquarters with Russia may adversely affect the ability of the President to negotiate with other States. It is reported by CNN, citing a source in the White house.

Halloween – the costume of the President. Joke released by Hillary Clinton during the presentation of her new book, sounds like an echo of unfulfilled dreams. The story that prevented her to take the coveted seat in the White house, the author put in 512 pages. But, as noted by «TV Center», of sensations there – one of the main reasons for the electoral defeat, according to Clinton, is quite predictable.

«I have here a huge Chapter about Russia!» was all she said.

To accuse Moscow of meddling in the American elections, the loser of the Democrats does not work. Alleged ties with Moscow denies the foreign policy of Donald trump, and the lack of evidence for all cases lodged. Last vs. Paul Manafort. In the press the former head of the electoral headquarters trump was accused of collusion with Moscow. The first court session was held on the eve, however, the list of charges was not a single paragraph with the word «Russia». The politician and his business partner, Rick gates suspected of money laundering through offshore and illegal activities as foreign agents. But not Russian, and Ukrainian. Until 2014 Manafort lobbied in the United States the interests of President Yanukovych. Similar to the work of the American law permits, but subject to registration with the justice Ministry. But this was not done. Now the politicians are placed under house arrest, he faces up to 80 years in prison. The next hearing is scheduled for Thursday. But the Russian track again «left» in the period under review, Viktor Yanukovych aspired to the West, and to the team trump Manafort had not yet come.

«I hope everyone learned today – President Donald trump was right: there is no evidence that Mr. Manafort or campaign headquarters trump had conspired with the Russian government. Mr. Manafort represented European interests among Ukrainians. He promoted democracy, sought to help Ukraine become closer to the United States and the EU. But he stopped doing this in 2014, two years before was brought to the election campaign trump», — said the lawyer Manafort Kevin Downing.

However, the Democratic party and for Hillary Clinton the trial of Manufactm – joy, too. Another associate of Donald trump allegedly was dishonest. And called Pro-Russian Ukrainian regime of Yanukovych can easily American voters still do not understand. For those who are interested in Ukrainian topic of interest is fresh research of the Wall Street Journal newspaper. Studying the income Fund Clinton until 2014, reporters found that the lion’s share of contributions transferred to the account of the leader of the Democratic party was the Ukrainian oligarchs.

Kirill parmenov is, «TV Center».

Trump is concerned about the consequences of the investigation, Mueller 31.10.2017

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