Trump has accused Iran of financing the DPRK

The US President Donald trump said that Iranian authorities provide financial support to North Korea and led her trade. Moreover, Tehran violates the provisions of the agreement on the settlement of the Iranian nuclear problem.

The US President Donald trump has accused Iran of financing North Korea and the violation of the provisions of the nuclear deal, reports TASS.

«I am sure that Iran is funding North Korea, I’m sure that Iran trades with Pyongyang, I’m sure they do business with the DPRK and it is absolutely unacceptable,» — said the American leader.

Trump also pointed to the fact that Iran violates the terms of the nuclear deal and promised in the future to announce decisions about the further implementation of U.S. obligations under the Joint comprehensive plan of action (SVPD).

«Iran is the bad guys, and so it should be looked at,» added trump.

Earlier, U.S. President said he intends to announce a nuclear agreement with Iran. As reported by the sources the Washington Post, the head of state believes that this transaction does not meet the national interests of the United States.

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Trump has accused Iran of financing the DPRK 08.10.2017

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