Trump can not decide on policy towards the DPRK

The US is encouraged by the fact that China is exerting greater influence on North Korea in the process of normalizing the situation on the Peninsula. With this conciliatory statement was made by press Secretary of the White house Sean Spicer. The Vice President of the United States Michael Pence remarked that Washington is ready to hold direct talks with the DPRK. Shock carrier battle group the U.S. Navy, which the President trump recently sent to the coast of Korea, is in the other direction.

Under the hysterical singing of a nuclear power the DPRK of a ballistic medium-range missile soared into the sky over the Korean Peninsula, crossed the Pacific ocean and rushed upon US. Flash, fiery glow, and burning an American flag in the background graves. In the DPRK showed another «video dreams», designed to scare the main enemy, reports «TV Center». The enemy, in turn, is not far behind. While Pyongyang’s deadly attack depicts, Washington pretends that moves toward the DPRK.

«We sent an Armada to the Korean Peninsula, very powerful,» said the American President Donald trump.

The world as they never really spoke about the threat of nuclear war: the aircraft carrier Carl Vinson and escort ships came to the DPRK within striking distance, North Korea’s answer. And suddenly it became clear: a came-the shock group was not where it was sent commander in chief trump. The Pentagon has acknowledged: it is far away from the DPRK — five thousand kilometers. So the «containment» of Pyongyang will have to wait until the end of April when it may still make it. Actually, it all started April 8, when US Pacific command said: by order of the President of the strike group the U.S. Navy leaves the base in Singapore and extends to the Korean Peninsula. And it was true, but only half.

According to Japanese website many years publish the exact schedule of movement of vessels of the U.S. Navy, Changi Naval Base, the aircraft carrier Carl Vinson in the day really left. However, went a completely different route. From 8 to 14 April, he cruised somewhere in the waters of the South China sea. At this time Donald trump has threatened Pyongyang with screens. Theoretically, the flight range of the Tomahawks, which are on the escort ships of the Carl Vinson, allows you to attack the DPRK and here. However, what happened next, is not even a stretch called the operation to deter North Korea. On 15 April the ship was already in the Sunda Strait. The Pentagon has even published a screenshot confirming this. From 16 to 18 April, the strike group was in the Indian ocean, where it conducted joint exercises with the Royal Australian Navy. The ones that us Secretary of defense James Mattis last week, like publicly canceled, but actually – no.

Occurs unusual even for the United States question. Who, in fact, there is someone wagging – tail dog, or a dog’s tail? Trump the Pentagon, the Pentagon, trump, or maybe all over again Russia is to blame? The official response from Washington, there is only leakage about the fact that the defense Ministry allegedly intentionally misinformed the White house and just yesterday the error was detected. Donald trump, of course, understands that it is a failure, which is responsible for convulsive shifts in the previous administration. In relation to Pyongyang’s expected softens the rhetoric.

«It’s very, very difficult situation. And to solve it should have been President Obama or even Clinton, but they just postponed the problem. And now I found myself in a situation when Koreans have nuclear weapons and we need something to do with it. I hope Kim Jong UN wants peace and we want peace,» said trump.

American media reported in may, the United States will hold two exercises which will practice intercept North Korean warheads. One of them will take place in the Pacific ocean. And this cannot but cause concern. At that time, Pyongyang promises to carry out his teachings. How would the Pentagon have once again failed to hit anything the wrong way. For example, the real North Korean missiles that could be not invented a pretext for full-scale war.

Olga Oksenich, Dmitry Gusev, «TV Center»

Trump can not decide on policy towards the DPRK 20.04.2017

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