To see from within Finland: where in St. Petersburg to see the unusual features of the Northern people

Cultural relations between the Russian Federation and Finland have their origin in the X-XI centuries. In the ancient Chronicles, there were mentions of the Northern people. For example, some experts claim that the name of the ancient capital of Finland — Turku originates from a Slavic word «Torg». Recall that the city was founded in the XIII century.

Full cooperation between the States began in 1809, when Finland became an Autonomous Grand Duchy of Russia. It is from this period the Finns and the Russians begin to share culture, traditions, literature. It should be noted that during the XIX and XX century Russian language was translated many books. For example, the epic «Kalevala», works of Finnish writers Aleksis Kivi, Juhani Aho, Zakarias Topelius, and many others. In Russia works know thanks to the translations of Blok, Bryusov. In 1915, the Unit has translated the national anthem of Finland. It is noteworthy that the Russian works became available to the neighboring state. The Finns received and translated into the native language of creation Turgenev, Chekhov, Gorky, Tolstoy, Dostoevsky and many others.

In addition, in relations between countries plays a huge role art and architecture. In 1880-ies of the Finnish artists come to Petersburg to enter the Academy of fine arts and get a decent education. The great Russian artist Repin part of his life he lived in Finland, which is displayed in his works. It is worth noting that at the beginning of the XIX century Russian classicism strongly influenced the architecture of the North of the country. So, during the construction of the Helsinki and Turku were used in the projects, which were developed in Russia.

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Currently, Russia and Finland continue to cooperate in the field of art and culture. Countries hold regular forums, concerts, performances, which helps to get to know your neighbor. Soon in St. Petersburg will host the production, through which you can see with the habits of the Finns. If you don’t know the answers to the following questions, the residents of Finland friends, love, as you grow up and how are your feelings, then this is the show for you. It is possible to see the Northern country from the inside, spending only one night. In the center of St. Petersburg in the Theatre «On Foundry» will be the play of Finnish playwright Anna Krogerus, «this is the room!». The performance will take place on 14 November. Note that for all those who wish to go to the view played out free tickets. For this you need just to join our group in the VC and to repost the record.

Such events are necessary in the modern world, because often we know too little about neighbouring countries, their habits, traditions and customs. For example, not all in Russia are familiar with the peculiarities of Finland. The people of this country are very conservative, slow in speech, they do not perceive people who speak too loudly and rapidly, disputes are resolved solely by dialogue, visit them for the whole event (the table, the gifts, the program of the meeting). All this and much more distinguishes the people of the North from us and our habits, but they can be found attending various concerts, exhibitions and performances.

To see from within Finland: where in St. Petersburg to see the unusual features of the Northern people 31.10.2017

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