«To put in proper form»: an expert on the regulation of ridesharing in Russia

In September of Timashevskiy district court at the request of the Prosecutor’s office has considered a civil case, the defendant in which performed service BlaBlaCar dealing with ridesharing. This activity implies that the driver is in advance the route and take the road of the travel without payment of fare, but with compensation for fuel.

In the text of the appeal said that the site has a number of problems. For example, anyone can freely visit the site, you do not even need registration and password, which allows attackers to use the data for personal purposes. In addition, the site provides services to persons that guide the people for money, but they may not have the permission to do so, and their vehicles are not subject to any technical controls. Based on these facts, we can conclude that the service violates the legislation of the Russian Federation concerning traffic safety and the transportation of passengers.

The court found that the information on the website BlaBlaCar is prohibited to spread and you want to block. However, this decision was appealed. It is assumed that the secondary meeting will be held before the end of 2017.

In the service of BlaBlaCar said that they do not violate the law, adding that none of the 22 countries with which they work, such litigation does not arise. However, a company representative noted that at the moment are in talks with the regulatory authorities of Russia, to solve the problem.

Roskomnadzor said that they are currently awaiting the court’s decision, only then can we make the website BlaBlaCar in the Unified register of prohibited information.

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It is worth noting that the Network has learned of the dispute only at the end of November, but then failed to establish that the complaint against the activities of the service in the Prosecutor’s office was filed by the Association «Regional road transport Union» (RRA), which sure the site you use illegal taxi drivers and drivers. Unscrupulous drivers inflate the price, making several flights a day, and also made it difficult for honest people to find fellow travellers and to save on gasoline, — said the representative of the RACES.

Correspondents iReactor addressed to the Chairman of the Board of ANO «Centre for Research, Preservation, Support and Development of Eurasianism,» political and public figure, writer and publicist Yuri Simoncino and asked him for the correct position in this case was taken by Roskomnadzor, and what you need to do to resolve the conflict.

«In my opinion, LV is valid in this situation is absolutely correct because, first, it is clear violation of the technical regulations of the website, and secondly, the resource exists in clear violation of Russian laws, which operate on the Internet. Third, this issue has been already connected law enforcement agencies and the Prosecutor’s office, which conducts a review of this resource, on the subject of whether he is fraudulent and basically safe for work, not whether it was one or the other activities of the shadow of a nature that violate our laws. In this situation the RCN and the Prosecutor’s office act adequately in the framework of its powers and duties. To solve the problem of resource BlaBlaCar diplomatic way possible, I think, without bringing the situation to court, not to criminal business. But this requires a clear and constructive will of the owners and creators of this ridesharing, and his cooperation with the RCN and law enforcement agencies to bring this resource in the proper form from the point of view of standards, technical regulations, and full compliance with the rules of security of personal data and compliance with Russian legislation. Then, accordingly, will not be able to BlaBlaCar issues and claims, from a legal point of view.»

From the words of an expert we can conclude that Roskomnadzor chose the correct position and at the moment just watching the situation. If BlaBlaCar improve the situation in the near future, all disputes and conflicts can be avoided, and if the service originally worked on the legislation, it would attract the attention of the Prosecutor’s office and the RCN looking for legal party work sites in Russia.

«To put in proper form»: an expert on the regulation of ridesharing in Russia 06.12.2017

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