To cheat nobody out


About the deceptive properties of names.

3 October news
sites in name or address, some of which included the word
«Sevastopol», published the following:

«Russia has warned the United States about the response
attacks on units of the U.S. military in Syria. The Ministry of foreign
Affairs of Russia has published 1 October warning US that, in the case of another
attack their air force on the Syrian army, Moscow will respond to armed attack on
American units stationed in Syria. This can lead to
significant changes in the situation in the middle East, the statement said

The news spread through social networks. And most of the links that were in
the social network, referred to the site «Sevastopol news». Which is
the. UA domain. Other
news sites also refer to it.

No, we have nothing against the UA domain. Just too often resources in this domain fall into our
critiques. Therefore, here we decided just in case to check. Not from distrust
domain. But just the news is so very scary. It’s no joke – the attacks on American
military. It’s not every day you hear.

The author refers to this news on the publication of the Russian foreign Ministry. Looking site
The Ministry of foreign Affairs in different ways, through search engines, and through the internal search – nothing
not found. What was supposed to happen.

So, dear Internet users, please be
vigilant: not all that is in the title the word «Sevastopol», deserves
trust. Sometimes to double-check not stopping. Fake specifically
to throw his opponents to put them in a bad light. Here the bait swallowed.

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To cheat nobody out 07.10.2016

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