Tillerson said the failure of the nuclear deal with Iran

Joint comprehensive plan of action against the Iranian nuclear program has not reached its goal, said U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson. According to him, the nuclear threat from Tehran, still represents a danger for the whole world. Also the head of the state Department called Iran a sponsor of terrorism.

Us Secretary of state Rex Tillerson criticized the agreement with Iran on the peaceful nuclear program of the country. According to him posed by Tehran’s nuclear threat still posed an enormous threat to the world, reports TASS.

These words Tillerson said in a speech at the state Department. He added that a Joint comprehensive action plan has not achieved its objectives and to deny Tehran access to nuclear materials failed. This agreement only delayed the transformation of Iran into a nuclear power.

In addition, the Secretary of state recalled that Iran recently conducted tests of medium-range missiles. According to him, this suggests that Tehran continues to develop and spread of missile technology, in violation of UN security Council resolution 2231.

Tillerson also called Iran a sponsor of terrorism, informs «Interfax». According to him, the country responsible for many conflicts and the undermining of US interests in countries such as Syria, Yemen and Lebanon, as well as for continuing to support attacks on Israel. The Secretary added that Iran has «the potential to walk the same path as North Korea, and the world will have to be dealt with.»

In February 2017, the US Congress called for tougher sanctions against the Islamic Republic. It happened after 29 Jan Tehran has tested a ballistic medium-range missiles. After that, the consideration in the U.S. Congress were made to the resolution authorizing the American President to use armed force against Iran.

In the summer of 2015, the United States, Russia, China, UK, Germany and France reached an agreement with Iran on its nuclear program. In January 2016, the European Union and the United States abolished the restrictive measures against the Republic on the grounds that Tehran has fully complied with its commitments to the IAEA and was able to convince the international community that Iran’s nuclear program is exclusively peaceful in nature.

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