Thousands of Parisians complain about the harassment of migrants

More than two thousand illegal immigrants detained off the coast of Libya. They boat was trying to cross the Mediterranean sea to reach Europe. Libyan authorities are asking the EU to support the creation of a new system of coastal patrol to stop the flow of refugees. Help is needed already in the Old world. Thousands of Parisians complain of harassment by migrants. In the EU countries are increasingly talking about the closure of the borders and tighten immigration policy.

Their sea voyage was over almost before it began. 2,300 migrants have crossed the Mediterranean sea is literally at the oars. Sailed just nothing, but apparently was so scared that overtaken their employees of the coast guard of Libya welcomed with applause. All the refugees on the coast guard boats were brought to the home, reports «TV Center».

In the fight against migrants. Think so on both shores of the Mediterranean. Italy supplies Libya’s coast guard fast patrol boats. Libya is grateful and asks to install them weapons. At the Italian station of Milan, by the way, last night a native of North Africa when scanning documents with a knife attacked the guards. Apparently, migrants are not going to surrender. On the way to the Old world.

Now the Spanish police removed the phone its security operation for extraction from the tube by unidentified persons. It was in the port city of Melilla. This African enclave of Spain. Man from head to toe taped so that it became similar to a mummy. And, apparently, as an ancient artifact hidden in a secluded place.

Across the Pyrenees migrants direct road to France, where it is difficult to breathe from uninvited guests. A resident of Paris Chapelle-Pagol complain in social networks that the refugees turned famous tourist place in this Oriental quarter. The Internet is full of reports of attempts of street rape. The voices of the many victims of Madame diluted even one, sir.

«France is less and less belongs to us! And this is only the beginning. The horror! Many thanks to our politicians! That’s why I avoid such neighbourhood. It is impossible even to drink a Cup of coffee. Where the power of law and order? Please, spare us from parasites» – are indignant on the Internet the Parisians.

However, how to solve the worsening immigration crisis, in the EU there is no agreement, though more and more countries tend to tighten immigration policy. Some just close their borders. Despite the quotas, which States must take in year a particular number of guests, and the threat of a fine of 10 million euros, the entry of migrants has been ordered in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Romania. Their bills are maturing and in the Bundestag. According to the latter, all wishing to remain in Germany will be carefully checked and immediately deported for false information.

Paul Prokopenko, Ksenia Fedorova. «TV Center».

Thousands of Parisians complain about the harassment of migrants 20.05.2017

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