There was a video test tracked robot with a 57-mm module «Baikal»

Last year the wider public at the international military exhibition «Army 2016» was first introduced combat reconnaissance vehicle BRM-3, armed with an uninhabited combat module АК220М «Baikal». Thanks to the 57-mm. automatic gun, the Russian war machine could successfully deal with virtually all armored targets on the battlefield. As practically all modern appliances, standing on the armament of NATO countries, first of all, was created with the requirements to withstand fire from guns with a caliber up to 30 mm., which was armed with the bulk of Soviet armor. However, for the army of Russia BRM with the «Baikal» is still not adopted.

Uninhabited combat module «Baikal», mounted on combat reconnaissance machine BRM-3. Photo source: Vitaly V. Kuzmin —, CC BY-SA 4.0

According to information previously published in the Russian media, promising armored vehicle is still on tests, completion of which is unknown. But this does not prevent the active continuation of testing of the module, which in the future I plan to install on combat vehicles, created on the platform «Kurganets», «boomerang» and «Armata». So, a few days ago in a Network there was video test of the «Baikal», established on an experimental chassis Э501ТБ developed by «Uralvagonzavod».

As well noticeably from the video, the gun is a desert module demonstrates an excellent accuracy and a very satisfactory return. The platform is well on virgin snow and overcomes great obstacles. But its main feature lies elsewhere.

Chassis as the module itself, totally uninhabited and controlled remotely, that is actually is a robot. This allows not only to effectively deal with the technology of a potential enemy, but it is absolutely not subjected to any risk of the crew of an armored vehicle that plays a crucial role in the conditions of modern warfare.

There was a video test tracked robot with a 57-mm module «Baikal» 21.04.2017

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