The young girl was beaten, molested her the man in the center of Moscow

In Moscow, near the Kazan station, 23-year-old girl rebuffed to dissolve the hands of the unknown man. The young man offered her a drink in a cafe and check it out. The police began checking.

Police checks information about the harassment of a man for a young girl in the center of Moscow, reports the Agency «Moscow».

The incident occurred near the Kazan station in the Krasnoselsky district of the capital. According to police, 23-year-old girl met a group of young people that were arguing among themselves. She reprimanded them, after which one of the men blocked her way and invited to drink in a cafe. The girl refused.

Then the attacker decided to go to the other side and told her about the impressive size of his penis. With one hand he grabbed the girl, and the other held on to his pants. The girl hit him with a knee to the groin and gave some slaps.

The attacker fled and the victim went to the police.

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The young girl was beaten, molested her the man in the center of Moscow 19.06.2017

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