The Yaroslavl veterans were fined for absence on the work day

In Yaroslavl spring clean-up has ended with loud scandal. The management company of one of the houses decided to punish rouble of those who voluntarily came to cleaning. The list of parasites has made even the disabled and veterans.

Bills for April, which came just in time for may 9, it became like a holiday gift. Prisoner of the concentration camps Zoya Yegorova did not at first believe my eyes, but the husband confirmed the receipt in black and white: the absence on the work day — 500 rubles.

«We did not. No one came out. The husband came out, and I especially. I down — hold on to me. Me doing so», explains the veteran.

But the withdrawal for health reasons, as well as the tight schedule in the main work, leaving other family and domestic reasons at the Yaroslavl Saturdays are not taken into account. Many seniors, knowing in advance about a possible penalty, decided to take up rakes and shovels and bring home the yard at any price, said «TV Center».

The inhabitants of the other houses in Yaroslavl already during the construction of the building formed the HBC. KOOPERATIV Druzhba lived together, all helped each other and worked together for the benefit of the house. That all changed a few years ago, when the HBC changed direction. Strange, according to residents, initiative. However, the Chairman says — is all done with the consent of the people.

«We have a Protocol decision of the owners. They decided that those who will come on Saturday, will pay 500 rubles as compensation. For ethical reasons we retired from 70 years of age are not charged. But you could get» — says the Chairman ZHSK Irina Stupina.

«Subbotnik — voluntary unpaid socially useful work. If we raise the current legislation, we will see that the law already provides for the charging of fees for municipal services. In particular, for the local area. That is, each fee is already included in the receipt» — explains the lawyer Marina Savelyeva.

Arbitrariness of ZHSK Druzhba interested in the Department of municipal economy of Yaroslavl and the Prosecutor’s office. Scheduled necessary inspections. If we discard the legal details, it’s obvious — job households to fame. Exemplary territory. New paint on small fences around gardens, benches, flowerbeds, and other delights of landscape design. Cooperators decided to attend the city contest «the cleanest yard». In the victory no doubt. Surprise plan to, among other things, and bright hyacinths. To pay for which will probably be money refuse voluntary-compulsory labour of the household.

Paul Prokopenko, «TV Center».

The Yaroslavl veterans were fined for absence on the work day 19.05.2017

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